Book Giveaway: Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes

comments (198) April 5th, 2009     

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Leave your comment here and you could win a copy of Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes!

Leave your comment here and you could win a copy of Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes!

Photo: Courtesy of Potter Craft Books

Yes, the madness continues here on CraftStylish: We are extending our book giveaway through April, giving you many more opportunities to win one of the hot craft titles coming out this spring! This week's giveaway is for a copy of Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes (the book includes full-sized patterns for more than 20 projects). Chic & Simple Sewing hits the bookstores in mid-April, so here is your chance to be one of the very first to own a copy.

Leave a comment on this post by 12:00am, Tuesday, April 7th, and you could win your own copy of Christine's book!

A winner will be chosen at random and announced later on Tuesday, April 7th.

Be sure to check out Christine's project how-to on Friday right here on CraftStylish.

Our thanks to Christine and Potter Craft Books for making this giveaway possible.

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Comments (198)

sensationalsuzyseams writes: If I win, I'll definitely try some of these stylish designs. Love the one on the cover.
Posted: 1:04 pm on June 16th
wifey writes: just starting to craft again,and this would be a great way to start with a free book. Hope it goes well with the new book
Posted: 1:06 pm on May 2nd
wifey writes: just started doing crafts again after 20 years not doing any and what a great way to start off with a free book. Hope it goes great with your book.
Posted: 1:03 pm on May 2nd
yumyumbydv writes: Trying to start my own business,after crafting my whole life!
This would be a great help!

Posted: 3:14 pm on April 25th
JWHuey writes: I'm a reader and a crafter. This book has a pattern on the Amazon page that you can download with instructions. They are easy to read! Even a beginner on the sewing machine can make a chic dress! Thanks!
Posted: 8:23 am on April 16th
JazzedUP writes: This looks like an amazing book!!!! I would defiantly put it to good use!!!
Posted: 2:03 pm on April 14th
uniqueshapes writes: I am doing a dressmaking course. It is always good to have a book to refer to in case I get stuck on a sewing technique
Posted: 9:27 pm on April 12th
kbcoffee writes: Would like to win a copy of this book, looks amazing.
Posted: 1:47 am on April 10th
Barson writes: Man, would I like this book!
Posted: 10:37 am on April 7th
muppetloon writes: Psyched...looking for those fab projects
Posted: 9:44 am on April 7th
Izabel writes: I could learn to sew :-P
Posted: 9:42 am on April 7th
ChrisRuser writes: I registered just for this. I'd love to get this book!
Posted: 9:19 am on April 7th
Evilannie writes: please, pick me, pick me!! xx
Posted: 7:50 am on April 7th
tamham71 writes: I would love to win a copy of the book. It looks great!
Posted: 7:42 am on April 7th
Neats writes: Have dusted off my sewing machine and would love to embark on some dressmaking for the 'new me'. Haven't made anything for myself in a long while and winning this book could be the start!
Posted: 4:20 am on April 7th
kokoleo writes: Christine is the nicest, most talented and inspiring crafty lady I've met in L.A. I'd love to win her book.
Posted: 2:50 am on April 7th
frostedbetty writes: Please let it be me!! I would love to have this book!
Posted: 1:12 am on April 7th
nicholista writes: I would love to win a copy of this book!
Posted: 12:26 am on April 7th
bombusQ writes: i want to get sewing! hope I win!
Posted: 11:49 pm on April 6th
TaDaBoutique writes: I would love to when this book! Thank you for the chance!
Posted: 11:27 pm on April 6th
HappyCatStudio writes: I want to make that dress on the cover! Too cute!
Posted: 11:00 pm on April 6th
EEQamouse writes: The dress on the cover couldn't be more chic!!
Posted: 9:23 pm on April 6th
v12m writes: me! me! me! pretty pretty pretty please? :)
Posted: 9:09 pm on April 6th
muna writes: wow! I think I'll do some meditation and try to «beam up« this book to me! there're so many of us!...good luck to us all! keep shinning =)
Posted: 6:42 pm on April 6th
CuttingKath writes: I love it, you can pick me otherwise i will buy it later... pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee
Posted: 5:06 pm on April 6th
mazzi writes: I am not very chic and fairly simple and need all the help I can get with turning the stash of fabric I have just got from the attic into a whole new chic wardrobe. I would love the book!
Posted: 4:08 pm on April 6th
stacysews writes: I was just about to add this to my Amazon cart! Pick me! Pick me!
Posted: 2:47 pm on April 6th
Sewr4Paris writes: It seems like there are a lot of ppl wanting to win that book. I hope who ever gets that book puts it to good
Posted: 1:51 pm on April 6th
KatherineAnne writes: Ooh ooh, pick me! :)
Posted: 12:05 pm on April 6th
sewmagic44 writes: I love classic styling and sew avidly to create unique styles. I like that the book will show how to personalize designs and provides patterns to book. I hope I win this book it would be great for my sewing DIY library.
Posted: 10:41 am on April 6th
DanaCO writes: This book looks wonderful! Great giveaway!
Posted: 11:03 pm on April 5th
Barriepetersen writes: I saw Christine's work at the Felt Club in LA this past December.
I would be soooo happy to have the book and make some stylin sun dresses.
Posted: 10:24 pm on April 5th
MaryLeah writes: I'd love to add this book to my collection.
Posted: 4:50 pm on April 5th
VSM891 writes: What a wonderful give away! I hope I'll be the winning recipient!
Posted: 3:50 pm on April 5th
Irenethefairy writes: I really want to win this book!!! I live in turkey and there's no way I can find a copy of it in here. Croisons les doigts!
Posted: 1:00 pm on April 5th
beinred writes: I'd love to win.
Posted: 11:30 am on April 5th
caseyerinclark writes: What a lovely book! Can't wait to see who wins . . . :)
Posted: 11:17 am on April 5th
arimuse writes: chic is good, simple is better! in times like we're in now, the combination is perfect. there is no better way to pick yourself up and lighten your mood than creating something by your own moxie. creativity is always the way to a better place.
Posted: 11:10 am on April 5th
LynnAlexander writes: Always looking for new ideas and inspiration!
Posted: 9:09 am on April 5th
hawaiifashion writes: finding Chic fashion is fun to do. I hope we all win!
Posted: 9:37 pm on April 4th
Littlestcook writes: I'm just starting to sew and finding it difficult to get patterns that dont look like they're from the 80s or early 90s that torture me with recollections of adolescence. I would love to have some patterns with clothes I would actually wear.
Posted: 7:32 pm on April 4th
WendyQM writes: Pick me! I love to sew!
Posted: 6:09 pm on April 4th
tequello writes: Wow! This book looks awesome. I want it.
Posted: 5:59 pm on April 4th
lindseyk writes: nice! would love it!
Posted: 3:04 pm on April 4th
kelroc writes: Sign me up for the giveaway. This seem to be an interesting book!
Posted: 3:04 pm on April 4th
EllieElephant writes: Wow this sounds great! I would love to win a copy!! I am crossing my fingers
Posted: 10:44 am on April 4th
Livingreen writes: I would love this book! So cool :)
Posted: 8:53 am on April 4th
kgr writes: Check out Country Girl Couture (blog) and a site she mentions Squint Limited!!!
Posted: 3:54 am on April 4th
dotgirl writes: I love sewing books. This one looks great!
Posted: 2:10 am on April 4th
CoolDudeChica writes: this book looks awesome! always looking for new projects!!
Posted: 1:41 am on April 4th
sfbuddhagirl writes: Just the thing to get me back into sewing...I'll need the instrucitons. THanks!
Posted: 12:33 am on April 4th
lholte writes: Sounds great! Sign me up!
Posted: 11:17 pm on April 3rd
thestitchinchicken writes: Looks like a great book, and patterns included!
Posted: 9:59 pm on April 3rd
goldenstar writes: I would welcome a copy of this book! Looks fabulous.
Posted: 8:59 pm on April 3rd
ksun writes: there are so many tacky sewing patterns out there....its great to see a book that shows both creativity and a critical eye at the same time!
Posted: 6:46 pm on April 3rd
polrber182 writes: Awesome giveaway, you guys are great!
Posted: 5:08 pm on April 3rd
LizaB writes: Fun! I'd love to win
Posted: 4:29 pm on April 3rd
Beach650 writes: I'm fairly new to sewing, but keen to try my hand at following some cute patterns! I'll definitely check this book out!
Posted: 3:31 pm on April 3rd
yvil writes: looks good!
Posted: 12:49 pm on April 3rd
codyscreations writes: I would love to win, this book looks fantastic!
Posted: 12:00 pm on April 3rd
JennArndt writes: I'm a new sewer and would LOVE to be entered in the draw!
Posted: 11:16 am on April 3rd
caffeinatedknitter writes: Please add my name to the drawing!
Posted: 10:49 am on April 3rd
cygnetsmall writes: I'd love to give this book a look.
Posted: 10:33 am on April 3rd
mamajenny writes: This book looks awesome! I can't wait to get it and start sewing!
Posted: 9:44 am on April 3rd
etmom writes: Yes! I too would like to win this book. I "try" to sew for a teen. This would help.
Posted: 9:33 am on April 3rd
lisamarie817 writes: This looks like a great book - count me in on the drawing!
Posted: 8:15 am on April 3rd
Laurie1962 writes: Would love to add this book to my library!
Posted: 7:44 am on April 3rd
Linny67333 writes: This book would be really cool to have. The possiblities are endless what could be done.
Posted: 7:50 pm on April 2nd
Mema writes: The book sounds exciting and interesting. I would like to win the book, but if I don't I would like to be able to see inside the book on Amazon.
Posted: 7:43 pm on April 2nd
txyarngirl writes: Hoping, hoping, hoping I win!
Posted: 4:32 pm on April 2nd
moonlady62 writes: Book looks great. Hope to win. Have been looking for some simple and chic projects to liven up my wardrobe.
Posted: 4:00 pm on April 2nd
mojo861 writes: This book looks quite useful - I hope to win!
Posted: 3:31 pm on April 2nd
dannygirl20 writes: Would love to win this! Thank you!
Posted: 1:48 pm on April 2nd
Gnomead writes: Yes please!! Looks great!
Posted: 1:13 pm on April 2nd
Nifty_Niki writes: I'm in before the buzzer

Posted: 11:56 am on April 2nd
Nifty_Niki writes: I'm in before the buzzer

Posted: 11:55 am on April 2nd
skeezicks writes: I've been trying to create and refashion more of my clothes and can always use some help!
Posted: 11:34 am on April 2nd
marysudie writes: I starting sewing when I was a pre-teen. My mother taught me to sew. After I moved away from a long away from my birth home and started a family of my own, we used to talk about sewing projects. If I'd get in a jam, I'll call to ask for help or just advice. Now that she's no longer alive, I don't have the same drive to sew. Come to think of it, I haven't even had a new sewing book in that time either. I think a new book might spark my interest to start sewing again!

Hoping for a very renewed interest in sewing. I do have a new sewing machine my current husband bought me. So, I'm excited. The more I think about it, the more excited I become.
Posted: 6:34 am on April 2nd
Haleemah writes: Im a beginner and I think this book will inspire me to bring out the designer in me.
Posted: 2:03 am on April 2nd
carlyjcais writes: Would love to win! Thanks!
Posted: 1:55 am on April 2nd
SlickChick writes: I would like to enter the giveaway!
Posted: 1:30 am on April 2nd
Ivy9 writes: Ooh, pick me, pick ME:-)
Posted: 1:13 am on April 2nd
itsMyDesign87 writes: Oooh, I like sewing and crafting books...although I don't have any of my own yet. This would be great :)
Posted: 10:24 pm on April 1st
babyEE writes: What a truely great book. I would be honored to win!!!!!
Posted: 7:18 pm on April 1st
BenaWSea writes: Awesome book! keeping my fingers crossed!
Posted: 6:58 pm on April 1st
PaulaLemos writes: This looks like a great book, I would love to win! Thanks for counting me in!
Posted: 5:22 pm on April 1st
gnamare36 writes: I am new to this site, and new to sewing. Thankyou for the opportunity to win a very nice creative book. I hope to win! =)
Posted: 4:55 pm on April 1st
craftaway writes: Who wouldn't love to have a Chic and Simple sewing book. I hope I win.
Posted: 4:54 pm on April 1st
sweet313 writes: Looks v. interesting!
Posted: 3:31 pm on April 1st
Merit writes: Looks like a great book!
Posted: 3:02 pm on April 1st
ManitoulinGirl writes: Looks like an amazing book. I'd love to win it!
Posted: 2:08 pm on April 1st
moniaguirre writes: Count me in Please!!
Posted: 1:45 pm on April 1st
vmcb writes: I hope the black and white striped dress from her collection is in there!! (fingers crossed)
Posted: 1:15 pm on April 1st
jokittens writes: This looks like an interesting book. It has full-size patterns!
Posted: 12:05 pm on April 1st
alfanhui14 writes: I wish i win!!
Posted: 11:05 am on April 1st
studiorouge writes: Great cover! Looks like a book I need for my collection.
Posted: 10:50 am on April 1st
Tideling writes: If that dress on the cover is any indication of what the rest of the book is like, then I'm sold on it already.
Posted: 1:21 am on April 1st
bethanngil writes: My husband will freak if I buy ANOTHER sewing book. But if I won it.... (oh, I hope I do!!!)
Posted: 12:31 am on April 1st
kariko writes: oooh, love the dress! I have my sewing machine geared up and ready to go for that dress... Would love a chance at this book! thanks!
Posted: 12:10 am on April 1st
noa writes: looks like the perfect book to get me started sewing seriously (but simply)
Posted: 11:59 pm on March 31st
suemari writes: The cover looks lovely. I hope I win, too!
Posted: 11:32 pm on March 31st
annastornant writes: I LOVED this book in the store, and I'd be more than happy to win it!
Posted: 11:02 pm on March 31st
atinoco writes: Love to create through fabrics. A book like this gets my creative juices flowing. Please consider me. Thank you!
Posted: 10:24 pm on March 31st
JennieC writes: Looks interesting - wish I could see photos of projects. I guess I'll just have to win it. ;)
Posted: 9:58 pm on March 31st
mistyfuji writes: This looks like a great book..please enter me..thanks!
Posted: 9:03 pm on March 31st
pslapoint writes: would love this book! thanks for the extended opportunity!!!
Posted: 8:57 pm on March 31st
mandaleighta writes: I love this! What a fun book to win :)
Posted: 8:54 pm on March 31st
turtlelove writes: pick me! pick me! pick me!
Posted: 8:45 pm on March 31st
JMP0801 writes: I would love to have that book. Good luck to me.
Posted: 8:41 pm on March 31st
Libelula writes: This does look good :)
Posted: 8:36 pm on March 31st
moniaguirre writes: please enter me. I´d love to win it!!
Posted: 8:20 pm on March 31st
shelleyc writes: I would love to have a copy of this book! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!
Posted: 8:04 pm on March 31st
digitalmisfit writes: That book looks fabulous! I need it!
Posted: 8:03 pm on March 31st
stitchlady writes: I am always up for a challenge in sewing. Put my name in the hat please.
Posted: 7:31 pm on March 31st
neilsbaby writes: I am new to sewing, but really like making my own stuff! This book looks like it will have quick, stylish patterns that I can show off!
Posted: 7:24 pm on March 31st
doopie writes: count me in!
Posted: 6:57 pm on March 31st
Tsscrapin writes: This would be great to win its my Birthday :)

Great site btw Just joined.
Posted: 6:55 pm on March 31st
sewdef78 writes: This book looks awesome! Hope I win it!
Posted: 6:39 pm on March 31st
samsstuff writes: I'm always looking for new, stylish things to make, so this would be perfect!
Posted: 6:37 pm on March 31st
Miba writes: Looks great!
Posted: 6:08 pm on March 31st
Aliceincrafterland writes: This book looks great. Ideas and inspiration in one!
Posted: 5:32 pm on March 31st
metrochet writes: Mmm-mmm! Gimme!
Posted: 5:12 pm on March 31st
jazzibarstow writes: This book looks super cute, I would love to win it!
Posted: 5:10 pm on March 31st
CleverPussRevolution writes: I would love to win!! You can NEVER have too many sewing books...<3
Posted: 4:53 pm on March 31st
BluGinhm writes: I'd love to have this one! What a great book giveaway!
Posted: 4:47 pm on March 31st
alli_bean writes: The frugal-chic-seamstress in me is drooling....
Posted: 4:40 pm on March 31st
ohnoshesews writes: Looks great!!! I would love to win this book!
Posted: 3:53 pm on March 31st
lawebchick writes: What a great looking book - just the thing to get me back into sewing!
Posted: 3:37 pm on March 31st
calbrecan writes: Wow, great prize! I hope I win!
Posted: 3:29 pm on March 31st
calbrecan writes: Wow, great prize! I hope I win!
Posted: 3:28 pm on March 31st
Sweet_Meats writes: This is exactly what I need to help me transition from craft sewing to making my own clothes. Awesome book!
Posted: 2:58 pm on March 31st
ShiningStar writes: The cover looks very pretty. I would really like to learn how to sew.
Posted: 2:50 pm on March 31st
KimHibler writes: Sewing and Chic, it doesn't get any better than that! Pick me pretty please!
Posted: 2:24 pm on March 31st
janetdawson writes: Another great sewing book! Would love to win - the "chic" sounds good but the "simple" sounds GRATE.
Posted: 2:16 pm on March 31st
doms218 writes: i want one!
Posted: 1:44 pm on March 31st
craftydame writes: it looks beautiful! i'd love to win it!
Posted: 1:24 pm on March 31st
she_eats_lemons writes: I love that dress on the cover
Posted: 1:22 pm on March 31st
Sybilkat writes: Awesome!
Posted: 1:14 pm on March 31st
miblgo writes: I need some new projects to give me a jump start to begin sewing again...
Posted: 12:58 pm on March 31st
handmadebyalissa writes: Would love to win this book! Thanks for the generous give away!
Posted: 12:36 pm on March 31st
elizart writes: Wow, another chance for a great book. Got my fingers crossed - maybe it will be mine. How awesome that would be! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways.
Posted: 12:31 pm on March 31st
elizart writes: Wow, another chance for a great book. Got my fingers crossed - maybe it will be mine. How awesome that would be! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways.
Posted: 12:31 pm on March 31st
sunnyb64 writes: Ooh, free patterns! Count me in!
Posted: 12:09 pm on March 31st
Lemmon writes: This book looks great. I like that there are more and more clothing pattern books now.
Posted: 11:57 am on March 31st
Flippincool writes: Like a kid on the first day of school, I love new books!
Posted: 11:52 am on March 31st
sewiknittoo writes: It would be amazing to win this book!
Posted: 11:50 am on March 31st
whatmegmakes writes: I hope I win!!!!!

Posted: 11:45 am on March 31st
Bonniedoo writes: I'd love to win that book! :)
Posted: 11:34 am on March 31st
Marina_R writes: Here's hoping!
Posted: 11:30 am on March 31st
laleeleela writes: Ooo - please enter me - thanks!
Posted: 11:12 am on March 31st
pikacupcake writes: I'm in it to win it!
Posted: 10:51 am on March 31st
twinmint writes: Neato book! This would be a great way for me to get kickstarted back into sewing.
Posted: 10:40 am on March 31st
MillieTea writes: I love the cover dress and I have some great Pucci inspired fabric to try it with. I cna't wiat to get this book!
Posted: 10:40 am on March 31st
carolina1019 writes: I'd like a copy!
Posted: 10:34 am on March 31st
Tifa333 writes: Hotness! I want to try out the wrap dress pattern.
Posted: 10:24 am on March 31st
jal_craft writes: *comment*
Posted: 10:11 am on March 31st
Dorinda writes: I would love to win the book, thank you for the chance!
Posted: 10:10 am on March 31st
arosebyanyothername writes: I would love to win this book! It seems so helpful! :D
Posted: 10:08 am on March 31st
CarolynJH writes: Please include me too! Thanks
Posted: 10:05 am on March 31st
racingsully writes: Yay free books!
Posted: 10:02 am on March 31st
fullapple writes: Sweet giveaway. Here's to winning!
Posted: 10:02 am on March 31st
SamIAm4321 writes: I would love to win this book! Thanks!

Posted: 9:58 am on March 31st
sarathelaundress writes: This looks like a great book. I would love to win it!
Posted: 9:43 am on March 31st
jkundhi writes: I can't wait to check out this book! Thanks!
Posted: 9:32 am on March 31st
meg_mn writes: What fun. I'm in.
Posted: 9:32 am on March 31st
emmyjay writes: Yes, I *would* like to win this book...
Posted: 9:29 am on March 31st
nanaandpapa1 writes: I would LOVE to win this book, thanks!
Posted: 9:29 am on March 31st
Joannie_N writes: Thanks, CraftStylish, for the opportunity to win. I'm loving the book giveaways -- even if I haven't won yet. I'd like to see her pattern for a wrap dress. I'm dying to make one.
Posted: 9:19 am on March 31st
MonicaElaine writes: Wow - just for the cover alone. Can't wait to see the inside.
Posted: 9:05 am on March 31st
Nova0437 writes: I'd like to enter, please!
Posted: 9:04 am on March 31st
Loralynn writes: Great giveaway! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Posted: 8:57 am on March 31st
kkoekoek writes: ohhh....what a great prize! Would love to get my hands on this one!
Posted: 8:50 am on March 31st
scull writes: sweet! me wantee!
Posted: 8:48 am on March 31st
Fiberfads writes: I'd love this book!
Posted: 8:46 am on March 31st
Tren91 writes: Love the dress on the cover!
Posted: 8:31 am on March 31st
Kaycie writes: Looks like a great book!
Posted: 8:22 am on March 31st
BrookeH writes: I would love a chance to win, thanks!
Posted: 8:17 am on March 31st
lorchick writes: I've never heard of this book before but from the front cover it looks very intruiging! I must have it! lol
Posted: 7:50 am on March 31st
ElleCsews writes: Add me to the list of those wanting one, please!
Posted: 7:44 am on March 31st
Gerwerken writes: There are so many wonderful books coming out right now. I wish I could get them all.
Posted: 7:24 am on March 31st
beth48 writes: I'd love the chance to win this book. Thanks.
Posted: 7:22 am on March 31st
never_yawn writes: Good Morning! I am so excited about this book- it looks fantastic.
Posted: 7:20 am on March 31st
sarahbcraw writes: I would love to have this! I am hoping to try out some new things and this addition would help!
Posted: 7:17 am on March 31st
CinWaldrop writes: Holy Cow! This is an awesome book. I would love to win it! Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 7:05 am on March 31st
NigheanRuadh writes: I have lots of fabric ready to be used!!
Posted: 6:46 am on March 31st
awami writes: Me me me! :)
Posted: 6:23 am on March 31st
jesscraft writes: I am prego right now and due to deliver in June. I would love this book since I am sure I will need to revamp my wardrobe. It looks like a fantastic resource. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted: 6:16 am on March 31st
lindser writes: I love the fabric of the dress on the front!
Posted: 6:16 am on March 31st
Larakate writes: I'd love a copy - looks fantastic!
Posted: 5:56 am on March 31st
9crafty11 writes: Would love to see what's in the book..haven't heard much about it! It would be awesome to win it!
Posted: 5:17 am on March 31st
serena74 writes: WOW I'd love to win this book!!!
Posted: 5:13 am on March 31st
susansewing writes: I would love to have this book. My daughter, students at school and I are enjoying trying new ideas from the resent list of books reviewed on CraftStylish.
Posted: 4:50 am on March 31st
djsloan writes: Wow this would be great. Patterns included is very nice! Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 4:33 am on March 31st
eva_p writes: Great giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!
Posted: 4:23 am on March 31st
sunnychan writes: OMG! I would love to win this book and thanks for the giveaway!
Posted: 4:12 am on March 31st
icwilsonfl writes: I'd love this one!
Posted: 4:07 am on March 31st
Heliostatic writes: Wow, Christine's book looks amazing. I would love to win a copy!
Posted: 1:27 am on March 31st
08kjl writes: What a great giveaway! I hope I win!

Posted: 1:27 am on March 31st
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