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Dress Up Your Bike with a Crocheted Seat Cover

comments (5) April 8th, 2009     

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Heres the original version, designed by Stine Johansen for Hendes Verden.
Spruce up your wheels with a pretty bike seat cover.
Heres the original version, designed by Stine Johansen for Hendes Verden.

Here's the original version, designed by Stine Johansen for Hendes Verden.

Photo: Jacqueline Fluri for Hendes Verden

Check out this free pattern for a crochet bike seat cover from Carina's Craft Blog. She graciously translated it from these patterns. I love the stripey, scrappy look of the original cover and her version—you can add stripes wherever you want just by changing the colors.

As for why your bike seat needs a cozy? First of all, there's the cute/personalization factor (I think we crafty people like to make things our own, no?)—of course I think this is best for short leisure rides, not the Tour De France. Second, it adds a little bit of padding, which is always welcome. If you're working with a vintage (re: hard) seat, you could even cut a piece of foam to put on top of the seat before covering it—just be sure to really secure the cover. Third, if your bike seat is exposed to a lot of heat and sun, it might start to crack and tear—this is a great way to extend the life of your seat in that case.

Top it off with a flower-adorned basket for the handlebars and you could be having your own little bike parade every day.

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Comments (5)

Jen1964 writes: If that doesn't say it all!
Posted: 2:37 pm on June 15th
Sewing2enjoying writes: I love this idea! My daughter (adult) rides a lot and I am trying to figure out what would be the very best fabric to use as I do not crochet. I'm sure there are many out there that would work very well but I would not want it to slide around on the seat, either. That could be dangerous. I must look at this closely and see how it is fastened so that it would stay put. If not, maybe I could add some of that non-slip "stuff" on the underside. Let's hear if someone has made it and how it turned out or any problems they may have encountered with it. Good luck to us all. I know I will be thinking a lot about it now.
Posted: 6:40 pm on May 16th
Rooty_Tooty writes: Very cute! This would be a great project to make from some of that yarn made by recycling our old tee shirts!
Posted: 7:22 pm on April 25th
Aicramly writes: This is so cute, it makes me wish I knew how to crochet. I may try this using fabric. Really great idea for a personalized look! Thanks for the inspiration.
Posted: 1:01 am on April 12th
GreatPlainsBazaar writes: This is so pretty!
Posted: 12:44 pm on April 8th
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