hand carve pressed leaf sculpture

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hand sculpture beautiful design on a fall leaf :)

Pattern or design used: Artistic Leaf Workshop
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Comments (10)

Austindog32820 writes: nature leaf carving was inspired by running across an erose leaf of ginkgoes, which was created a pattern similar to the map of China by insect. A new idea popped into his mind like a flash, why not sculpture the nature leaf by hand, fully utilizes the vein of the leaf?
The crafting process of nature leaf carving is very complicated. Every piece leaf carving would be taken more than 60 processes to be created.
First choose the suitable fall leaf for the unique pattern, kinds of leaves including elms, magnolia, peeple trees, ginkgoes, etc. and then immerse the leaf in water, clean the leaf, with other processes including biological treatment, press, rubbing, iron, set the pattern, sculpture and so on.
this crafting of nature leaf sculpture is pursued and admired by many folk artists in China. Some technical workshops have been even established to be researched and inherited this crafting. They have popularized this nature leaf sculpture to more common people successfully as personalized home décor and unique gift.
I looked it up Because I wanted to know too!Wow alot of work for such a great idea!

Posted: 10:40 pm on April 23rd
Austindog32820 writes: Wow!What an assume work of ART!! Please share how to do this ,I have so many ideas for this!Great for gifts all year!Thanks for sharing the pics ,now how in the world do you do this?
Posted: 10:13 pm on April 23rd
janeofalltrades writes: This is amazing! I, like others here, can't wrap my mind around what kind of process this was. It's quite intriguing!
Posted: 9:58 am on April 22nd
melimeloart writes: Really wonderful!
Posted: 2:14 pm on April 19th
scottydog writes: Everyone wants to know how you do this and I DO too!! It is stunning!!! I would be very proud to put these in a frame and hang them in my home!! WOW!
I have never seen this type of art done before -

Please tell us how you do it!

Keep making this world beautiful!

Posted: 6:14 pm on April 15th
LovelyCreator writes: How can anybody do something that wonderful? It is different, incredible.
Posted: 11:30 am on April 15th
lholte writes: This is just stunning. How did you do this?
Posted: 7:52 pm on April 12th
arcangel writes: all I can say is A M A Z I N G.
Posted: 1:09 am on April 12th
Toffy writes: This is amazing, and quite beautiful.
Posted: 11:54 pm on April 11th
earthagreen writes: This is absolutely amazing and beautiful! How on earth did you do this?
Posted: 12:48 pm on April 11th
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