We're The Tiny Pine Cone Trio!!!

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These are 3 pine cone dolls that I made out of pine cones I collected last winter November 2008.

After cleaning out the pine cones, and storing them away, I took them out to create these dolls just for this contest. I know it's spring time now, but I really love winter, and it allowed me to add cool things, like the knitted hats they are wearing, and the skiis make for a good base to stand them up on.

I cut the top of each pine cone with a glass cutter (it's what I had on hand), carefully chipping away at the top. By the way, this worked pretty well. Then, I sanded the tops down with a file. I attached an organic wooden bead for each of the heads, and I used a black and a red Sharpie pen to draw the eyes, and mouth, and the hair I painted with eco-friendly black paint too.(Except for Miss Willeigh-the Pink Girl, her hair I painted brown.) Then I cut 3"x 3/4" pieces and 1" x 3/4"ovals from wooden slats that were 12"x 3/4", and flat that I got from a local lumber yard (and yes, it is wood  from a sustainable forest), I sanded and painted them with eco-friendly paint in their respective colors, and attached the body, by gluing it down onto the feet, and then onto the skis. Then, I added chenille pipe cleaners for the arms, and I got the square/round toothpicks for the sticks in their hands and painted them silver, again with that eco-friendly paint, and I glued it to the pipe cleaners. Then I tied some DMC floss around the blue girls neck. Next, I painted the pine cone edges white to mimic snow with the eco friendly paint.

Finally, I knitted the hats, and knitted the extra piece for a scarf for the green one, and I knitted a jacket for the blue one. I used doll size knitting needles given to me by my Great Grandmother.

By the way the three of them have names:

The pink one is named: Miss Willeigh

The blue one is named: Miss Lilleigh

The green one is named: Miss Milleigh

Please click on the last photo even though it has a red "x", once you click on it the picture of Miss Milleigh does come up.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - The Tiny Pine Cone Trio
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Comments (3)

Jessicalyn_Bliss writes: So Cute! Great Job.
Posted: 1:01 pm on October 27th
DeniseInAL writes: Too cute! I think I will use your idea for my girls to make as their winter craft project! Thank you EVER so much!

Posted: 1:34 pm on September 18th
pgriff writes: these are sweet.
Posted: 12:32 pm on May 30th
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