15 sided biscornu patterns and tutorials

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Snowflakes in the snow
Alternative 15 sided biscornu
A patchwork of stars
Snowflakes in the snow

Snowflakes in the snow

It’s funny how sometimes something catches your imagination and gets your creativity going in overdrive! This happened to me earlier this year with 15 sided biscornus. What’s a biscornu I hear you cry?

A biscornu is generally a slightly odd shaped eight-sided pincushion. In French, the word biscornu  is an adjective meaning irregularly or oddly shaped. These eight sided biscornus are popular in cross stitch as fancy pincushions made by stitching together two stitched squares offset against each other so that the corners of one square line up with the centres of the sides of the other square.

You can see more biscornus in the gallery on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/

The 15 sided biscornus I’ve been making this year are a little different, being made of 15 small stitched squares all joined together. There are two ways in which the sides may be joined, making slightly different shapes.

I’ve posted the designs of two of my biscornus on my blog, along with tutorials on how to make both shapes.

Snowflakes in the Snow

A Patchwork of Stars

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