Candy Wrapper Doll Dresses, and Purse

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In the first photo, you will see two different candy wrapper doll dresses that I made. I first created my own doll pattern from looking at one of my old dolls dresses. After I made a paper template, I gathered all the candy wrappers (Mary Jane caramels, and Licorice Taffy) that I have saved over the yrs. , and I started by laying them out over the pattern. (I had to stretch them out with a paper clip initially. I used to save the wrappers in between pages of an encyclopedia book.)

For both dresses there are three pieces that I worked on separately; the front, and the back, and the collar. First I layed out all the candy wrappers on the front panel, then I did the same for the back. When every wrapper covered the paper template underneath, I started to glue each wrapper's edge to the other wrapper's edge. Sometimes that meant having to cut some of them. For the Mary Jane dress, I added an extra set of candy wrappers for the top half of the dress, and then I rolled a piece of paper that was the same color of the wrappers very thinly, to create a seam for the area that divides the top of the dress to the bottom. When I finished both the front and back panels, I created the collar with the same technique as the dress. Then I faced the wrong sides together, and ran the dress through my sewing machine, and sewed up the sides. (Note: I had to crease the sides in slightly before doing this.) Then, I attached the collar on top by sewing it to the top of the dress, but by folding over the top so that you can't see the stitches. For the Mary Jane dress I ran a running stitch through the sleeves and gently pulled on the thread to get the gathered effect, and I also sewed on a very small red button. For the Licorice Taffy dress, I got a thin cloth, and ran a craft iron for 20 secs to just smooth out the dress both front, and backside.

For the first photo, I got several gumballs, and made a bullseye sort of design, and took my two doll dresses, and placed them ontop for a cool colorful candy background. Also, the hangers that are holding each dress were hand made by me with using 20 gauge wire, and then by painting them with a few coats of white paint.

The candy Wrapper purse in the second photo, was created by using candy wrapper scraps, and cutting them into narrow strips. Then, I wove them like you make a gum wrapper chain, and then by interlocking weft, and warp strips.There is no glue holding this together. I just wove the extra pieces at the ends back into my work.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Candy Wrapper Doll Dresses, and Candy Wrapper Purse
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Comments (8)

nomnomnom writes: I know the original designer of these dresses and she is not a mother of 2.
Posted: 4:54 pm on August 21st
nomnomnom writes: I know the original designer of these dresses and she is not a mother of 2.
Posted: 4:53 pm on August 21st
Tuffysmom writes: I have seen these dresses in person and know they were done my Andrea Lekberg. If you are Andrea Lekberg these are truly amazing works and would love to know if they are available anywhere.
Posted: 12:31 pm on June 15th
Nifty_Thrifty writes: This is amazing - must have taken ages - well done, it would get my vote to win for sure
Posted: 3:15 am on April 25th
DeniseInAL writes: Too cute! I hope you win!!!
Posted: 1:04 pm on April 24th
janeofalltrades writes: So cute! I also love that you included candy in the background for the photograph!
Posted: 8:46 am on April 22nd
annquill writes: Simply wonderful! I remember making gum wrapper chains as a kid - what a great idea to make a little clutch out of them.
Posted: 9:50 am on April 21st
akaRosella writes: WOW! I love these! I have always adored the little girl on the Mary Jane's wrapper and to have made a similar dress from wrappers is sooooo sweet!
Posted: 8:18 am on April 21st
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