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View of all flowers on branches
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Flower Close-Up
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View of all flowers on branches

View of all flowers on branches

Photo: Laura Seymour

Step 1: Find/Acquire a vase. I pulled a vase outta my collection, look around for those free ones that come with flowers you receive, OR I found a handful of nice long vases with skinny necks at Ikea- that’s where mine came from (I got it for another flower set that didn’t fit in it). They range from $0.79 and up. I do highly recommend recycling or reusing something you already have.

Step 2: Get some “stems”. I got some of those fun curly sticks from a craft store for $3. I am in Florida, so I don’t have cool sticks laying around the yard, but feel encouraged to look around your yard, at work, what-have-you. This is where you’re creativity can “bloom” - fit it to your own style.

Step 3: Find your flower materials. I obviously was obsessing over this tutorial, so I had my mind on it for a week or more. (me? obsess? never!) But look around, look at your junk mail, your little scraps of craft paper, wrapping paper, product packaging, anything that would or could end up in the trash pile. I used some of my craft paper scraps, some junk mail postcards, and a cool packaging from some gadget my boyfriend bought. I suggest more sturdy materials, but the light thin papers go well sandwiched in between a few harder papers - and gives it a nice dainty floral look.

Step 4: Download my handy PDF. This has all of the modern floral shapes already drawn out, so you can trace away!

Step 5: Trace, cut, trim… Make as many as you want/need. I used about 3 shapes per flower, but feel free to use less or more. I even used some of the same shape, just rotated them around, and bent them differently.

Step 6: Pair the flower shapes together. I went with coordinating colors, but it would also be gorgeous with all of the same color paper. This is, again, where your creativity “blooms”. tee hee. Once you have these paired, use the end of your scissors or a small pointy object (a protractor, possibly) and poke a very small hole in the middle of each piece.

Step 7: Meet Brad. I picked up a tiny pack of 100 itty bitty brads for about $3 at a craft store, varied colors, have fun picking them out - or use what you have around. (Trust me, get a few extra, a few went flying and a few went missing) Run the brad through all of the flower shapes, and expand the 2 “legs” out, so it keeps them together. Once you have this done, wrap them around the “limb” or stick you want it on in your arrangement.

Step 8: Arrange your flowers. Only once you get the flower on the stem/limb will you be able to effectively play with your flowers. Getting them on the stem manhandles the flower a little, so it goes flat. Once you have it secured, curl the edges, bend them up or down - whatever the material responds to, and looks good. I just curled mine with my finger and bent the inner parts up.

Step 9: Step back and enjoy! How easy was that?

Pattern or design used: My own design - Modern Flowers Tutorial - My Green Scene
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davidandkeithdotcom writes: I love handmade flowers of any kind! Cute!
Posted: 9:46 pm on May 1st
NancyWard writes: Hi!

Yesterday I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward
Posted: 4:55 pm on April 26th
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