"Patching the Hole" in My Stabilizer to Do Multiple Embroideries Saved My HTML Tee!

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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Heres the boo-boo suffered by my tee when it got caught up in the needle and jammed the machine.
This is how the hooped stabilizer looks after cutting around the embroidery design.
Here is a view of the back of the hoop, showing the patch of stabilizer that was able to come free when the machine jammed. 
Heres my boo-boo!
Heres the boo-boo suffered by my tee when it got caught up in the needle and jammed the machine.

Here's the boo-boo suffered by my tee when it got caught up in the needle and jammed the machine.

Photo: Jen Stern

Yesterday I had an action adventure (which, I have to admit is not an infrequent thing for me)...I cut my hand while doing dishes. When I got to the emergency room, I paid close attention to how the nice doctor stitched me up—17 stitches in all. Sadly, I didn't learn any cool new tips to share with you for your next sewing project.

When I got home I realized I left my embroidery machine stitching one of my HTML tees...and it didn't go well. Somehow part of the tee had gotten tangled into the embroidery foot, and it was really jammed up. I tried to jiggle the fabric free. It wouldn't budge. Being slightly impaired, I decided to leave it until the next day.

After fighting with my coffee pot, I took a second look at the mess in my embroidery machine. First, I carefully clipped the threads that were holding the fabric around the embroidery foot. Then I took the hoop off the machine. That's when I noticed that using my favorite "patch" method had saved the day...and my tee shirt!

When I do multiples of the same embroidery design, I like to reuse the hooped stabilizer over and over. To accomplish this I don't take the stabilizer out of the hoop to remove the fabric. Instead I carefully cut through the stabilizer, close to the edge of the design, making a hole in the stabilizer. Then I can use 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray to adhere another small piece of stabilizer to patch the hole. Each design that is stitched after the first one embroiders onto the smaller patch of stabilizer, not the one held firmly in the hoop.

I'm so glad that I had used this method to hoop my tee shirt. When the fabric got caught by the embroidery foot, the patch of stabilizer pulled away from the hooped stabilizer, allowing the jammed needle to move to the upper left corner of the hoop without ripping the fabric, popping the hoop, or knocking my machine out of timing!

Next time you're doing lots of the same design, consider patching the hole...Maybe you'll save more than just a little stabilizer!!!

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Comments (5)

JenniferStern writes: Hey you guys, thanks for all the good wishes and comments--I was so excited when I realized that my tee wasn't done for. I save all my pieces of stabilizer in ziploc bags too! Reading theninaline's comment reminded me of another good $$$ saving tip..Put scraps of water soluble stabilizer in a small spray bottle, add some water, and you have home made spray stabilizer. Play with the strength by adding more scraps or water! .

PS--I've down graded to a large bandaid.
Posted: 4:24 pm on July 3rd
LnZ writes: So sorry to hear about your accident, Jen! I hope you don't have any further mishaps.

Thanks for reminding us of how to save $$$ on our stabilizers. We sure will need it to help pay for Gas to get to the fabric stores!
Posted: 1:00 pm on July 3rd
theninaline writes: Aw! I hope your hand feels better soon! I love this tip. I got tired of throwing a bunch of stabilizer away as well so the ones I could save (tear aways, cut away, watersoluble) I put into ziplock baggies. I use them for smaller hoopings or on the wrong side of the fabric for decorative stitching or buttonholes.
Posted: 9:03 am on July 3rd
Nadia_H writes: Wow you work very fast. You must be always thinking of cleaver ideas to share. I love this idea. This will help to keep some of the cost down for my projects.
Posted: 10:21 pm on July 2nd
MimiMurphy writes: Thank you for sharing your stabilizer-saving idea! I've never tried that and have lamented many times about all the wasted stabilizer. I too have jammed and ruined too many projects to name, so your idea might save my machine as well as my temper. I hope your hand heals speedily. Dishwashing is a dangerous indoor sport and should be avoided as much as possible!
Posted: 9:33 pm on July 2nd
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