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DIY Reverse-Applique Eyeglass Case

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CalPatch cal patch, contributor
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Use up some fabric scraps to make this cute, appliquéd eyglass holder.
You probably have everything you need to make one of these.
Use your glasses as a guide for how big to cut.
Use up some fabric scraps to make this cute, appliquéd eyglass holder.

Use up some fabric scraps to make this cute, appliquéd eyglass holder.

Photo: Cal Patch
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Fabric scraps cause me a great deal of stress. Every time I cut out a new sewing project, I'm left with all sorts of pieces, ranging from tiny bits to half or whole yards. I know I can't keep them all, but where to draw the line? The little guys are great for stuffing (why buy poly-fill when I'm constantly throwing away fibery fluff?), and the bigger they are, the more uses I can imagine! So the only solution that satisfies me is to make projects with my scraps whenever possible to avoid being buried under the ever-growing pile. One of my fave sources of scrappy ideas is Craft Leftovers, so take a look for some inspiration.

I've been looking fruitlessly for a new eyeglass case to protect my sunglasses in my bag for ages, so I finally concluded it was time to make one. Ah-ha, a small sewing project! Perfect for using up scraps. I decided to use three layers of scraps for extra cushioning, and since I was already layering, a little reverse appliqué seemed like a natural embellishment. Here's how I went about it:

What you'll need:

  • Your glasses (for size reference)
  • At least three scraps that are about three times longer than the glasses and one and a half times as wide
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Pins
  • Heavy quilting thread
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • A snap, Velcro, or button for a closure

You probably have everything you need to make one of these. I forgot to include pins and a snap in the photo.

1. Cut the first piece. Fold one of the scraps and lay your glasses on it as shown.

Use your glasses as a guide for how big to cut.

Cut a rectangle about 2 inches wider and twice as long, plus extra for the flap. Use this piece as your pattern for cutting out the other two.

Once you've cut the first piece, cut two more the same.

Stack the three layers with the one you want for the outer case on top, and the second and third layers underneath.

Stack them with the outer layer on top.

Pin them together around the edges as well as in the center.

2. Draw the design. Using tailor's chalk or another removable marking tool, draw the pattern for your appliqué. I went with simple leaves, but use whatever you like. Just keep the shapes fairly simple because you'll be cutting them out later.

Draw the shapes for your appliqué pattern...

3. Stitch the appliqués. Thread your needle and use a running stitch to work around each shape, sewing through all three layers.

...and begin stitching around each one.

Continue until all of the shapes are stitched.

Stitch around all of the leaves.

4. Sew the edges. With right sides together, fold the case up (long enough to fit your glasses), and seam the sides with a running stitch.

Fold the case inside out and pin...

...then stitch up the sides with a running stitch as well.

Reinforce the top of each seam with a few extra stitches for strength.

Make a few extra stitches at each side of the opening as this area will get the most wear.

Turn the case right side out. Now trim 1/2 inch off of the edges of the two underlayers of the flap.

Trim all but the top layer of the flap by 1/2 inch.

Wrap the top layer over them and pin. Whipstitch as shown, without going through to the outer layer.

Pin the top layer over the two trimmed layers and whipstitch it down.

Blanket-stitch across the opening to hold the edges together, and sew on a snap closure.

Finish the raw edges of the opening with a blanket stitch.

Sew on a snap for the closure. You could also use Velcro or a button.

Almost finished!

5. Now the fun part: Cut open the appliqués. Using a small, sharp scissors, cut around each shape, 1/8 inch inside of the stitching, through only the top layer.

Carefully cut out the center of each shape through the top layer only.

Then, on a few shapes, cut again through the second layer, 1/8 inch in from the first cut, to expose the third. Fancy!

The completed case.

Now your glasses are protected and you'll always be proud to pull them out of your bag in their new case. Since it's nice and compact, this project is ideal for taking on the road, especially if you cut out the pieces in advance. Makes a great gift, too!

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socalgrl writes: Why weren't the leaf shapes cut out earlier, before sewing up the sides? It just makes more sense to work while the fabric is flat (easier to cut a flat piece any time).

Posted: 2:12 pm on May 2nd
tessi writes: I agree, it is a great project, but the reverse applique design is DEFINITELY Alabama Chanin, and I feel they should be given proper credit........
Posted: 1:11 pm on May 2nd
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