To the only bead curtains I have ever loved

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lcampb Lilly Campbell, contributor
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They dont make em like this anymore...
I know they dont look like much now...
...and the method of attachment has done permanent damage to my doorframe...
Just in case you doubted the claim that I tie-dyed anything I could find...  These shoes had a bit of a legacy of their own but that is another story for another time.
They dont make em like this anymore...

They don't make 'em like this anymore...

I was fifteen when I found myself facing February vacation with no homework, no plans, and absolutely no idea what to do with myself (at that age, a week really is an eternity…).  My solution to the dilemma was to make my own bead curtains; I had been searching for a set for over a year without success.  I suppose it was in keeping with the hippy crafting theme of that age: I spent most of my sophomore year making hemp jewelry at an alarmingly fast rate and tie-dying whatever I could find.  Regardless, stringing assorted glass beads onto clear beading wire became my project for the week to the tune of Carol King and Helen Reddy -- I was also on a bit of a girl power kick, unsurprisingly.

Looking back now, my method of hanging the strands by hammering nails into the doorframe was anything but glamorous and some of my bead choices were cheap and tacky, but I loved those curtains.  I loved how they drove my mom crazy clanking against my door at all hours of the night (she threatened them with scissors on multiple occasions) and the reactions I always got from visitors.  I told my friends that I was going to bring them with me to college and even mentioned them in a college essay that was a hypothetical “letter to your future roommate.”  When I did finally leave for school, the bead curtains stayed behind but somehow their presence has always been one more thing that made my room my own coming home on breaks.  They were a reminder of who I used to be, who I had become.

But even the best clear wire does not hold forever, especially when it comes to heavy glass beads, and eventually, the wires started to break.  For awhile, I would patiently remake every fallen strand but as time passed, I started to forget about them and the beads sat in yogurt cups on my desk, waiting to be rehung.  This weekend, in a most unceremonious and anticlimactic way, another strand fell and I realized that I was down to only three from six.  It is my mother’s ultimate victory that I have decided to take them down but I think it just might be time to move on. Don't say I didn't warn you: this is really is the end of an era.

Have you ever had a craft that meant so much more?  We’d love to hear your stories!

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