Paper Crafters Meet Your New BFF: The Scor-Pal

comments (2) July 5th, 2008     

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KhrisCochran Khris Cochran, contributor
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Perfect score lines every time with the Scor-Pal.

Perfect score lines every time with the Scor-Pal.

Photo: Courtesy Scor-pal

As a paper crafter the two banes of my existence are (a) unevenly cut paper and (b) messy paper folds. While I’m still in search of the perfect paper cutter (I already have four different ones), I’ve found the end-all be-all of paper scoring and folding. Let me introduce you to my new best friend, the Scor-Pal.

Ridiculously simple in its premise and super genius in its execution, the Scor-Pal is a heavy 12-inch x 12-inch plastic board with premeasured indentations on its surface. Users simply place cardstock on the board and use a bone folder (included) to press score lines into the cardstock. Every line comes out perfectly straight and crisp every single time. The premeasured lines make scoring boxes, gatefolds, and other complex scored projects so easy. In just seconds, each line is scored and ready to fold. And you can emboss lines, too.

The Scor-Pal is available at its website and other retails for around $39.99.

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Comments (2)

rsoflehi writes: i just got one of these, I luckily had 40% off coupon. I was having problems scoring diagonals - making sure i was on the same score on both ends, To fix this I took some sharpee;s fingernail polish, and paint pens and colored each score line. it now much easier to make sure my diagonals are on the same score line
Posted: 10:16 am on February 6th
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