How to Make a Nuno Felt Corsage to Celebrate the Good Times

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Tina_Hilton Tina Hilton, contributor
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Bold and beautiful flower power!
Colorwashed silk enhances the illusion of a natural flower.
The more layers of wool roving you incorporate, the stiffer the flower will become.
Bold and beautiful flower power!

Bold and beautiful flower power!

Photo: Tina Hilton
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Nuno felting is a method of producing a lovely, lightweight felted material with a nice drape. It is accomplished by placing fine layers of wool roving on top of thin silk chiffon, saturating with soapy water, and agitating to simultaneously felt and bind the wool fibers into the silk material. Nuno felting has been traditionally incorporated in the creation of one-of-a-kind wraps, shawls, and scarves, but you will find that it is a perfect medium for capturing the beauty of exotic, fantasy flowers.


  • 100% lightweight silk material (I used an 18-inch x 18-inch piece of silk chiffon from Mary Jo's Cloth Store, a mecca for a wide variety of fine fabrics at bargain prices)
  • Wool roving, both combed and curly in your favorite flower colors
  • Plastic
  • Bubble wrap
  • Large towel
  • Foam tube or car shade
  • Old panty hose or fabric strips
  • Rolling pin
  • White glue (I used Aileen's Tacky Glue
  • A small piece of wool felt
  • Yarn for embellishment
  • Pin back

Prepare your work surface with a layer of plastic, then a layer of bubble wrap with the bubbles facing up, and place the silk fabric on top.

nuno felt corsage
Colorwashed silk enhances the illusion of a natural flower.

Cover the entire surface of the silk with a thin layer of roving, then position contrasting roving in a flower shape.

nuno felt corsage
The more layers of wool roving you incorporate, the stiffer the flower will become.

Completely saturate the fibers with room temperature, soapy water.

nuno felt corsage
Place large towels under the plastic before you soak with soapy water!

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SweetbriarStudio writes: I'm a self-taught felter and I really appreciate reading about the many ways to wet felt. Thanks for some new ideas!
Posted: 6:03 pm on June 6th
ewephoric writes: All I can say is that Craft Stylish is lucky to have such a talented, creative, and insightful editor. Your projects are always the very best out there! I hope to always have your terrific ideas to help jumpstart my own. Keep up the good work.
Posted: 2:32 pm on May 24th
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Posted: 6:41 pm on May 14th
SMVG writes: Needed to finish my thought....ALWAYS in great taste!
Posted: 6:03 pm on May 14th
SMVG writes: Can't wait to try it! You not only have great ideas but they are ALWAYS
Posted: 6:02 pm on May 14th
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