How to Make a Photo "Guest Book" Wall Hanging for Your Wedding

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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If you have a square ruler, you can quickly see the best way to crop your photo into a square.
Fold the square into quarters and press the folds to create creases that you can use as guidelines to center the photo.
Peel the paper backing off the photo.
If you have a square ruler, you can quickly see the best way to crop your photo into a square.

If you have a square ruler, you can quickly see the best way to crop your photo into a square.

Photo: Jen Stern
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I'm always amazed at how great a few rows of equally spaced lines of quilting can look. You can channel-quilt as close together or as far apart as you like. I'm going to stitch rows that are 1-1/2 inches apart here. Take a minute to play with it on a scrap; 1/4-inch spaced channel quilting is really elegant! Use a quilting bar or draw lines with a wash-away marker and a ruler to guide you.

draw lines to quilt on
I channel-quilted away from the corners until I had a 5-inch space running around the photo for guests to fill in.

When you've finished quilting, remove all your guidelines by dabbing them with a wet cloth (mist from a spray bottle works great too). Let the wall hanging dry—double-check to make sure all the wash-away marker was removed. Then give it a good steam press.

To present your "photo" guest book at the wedding, simply finish the edges with a serger. Either leave the finished edge visible or press it under. Provide Prigma Pens for guests to use to sign your wall hanging—you'll end up with a beautiful heirloom that will look great in your new home! After the honeymoon, go to a craft store and pick out a frame. For some tips on how to put the fabric in the frame, check out "How to Frame Your Own Embroidered Masterpiece". (Because that post shows how to frame an embroidery, you'll have to omit some of the steps and adapt others to this project, but I think it will help!)

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