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DIY Wedding

How to Make Monogrammed Napkins from a Vintage Sheet

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leethal Lee Meredith, contributor
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A simple lino-block print on recycled sheet pieces can make some pretty, personal napkins.
Ripping the sheet makes nice-looking frayed edges.
You could carve a rubber stamp instead of a lino-block if you prefer.
A simple lino-block print on recycled sheet pieces can make some pretty, personal napkins.

A simple lino-block print on recycled sheet pieces can make some pretty, personal napkins.

Photo: Lee Meredith
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My guy and I are engaged, and although we haven't started any wedding planning at all, I'm sure our two key words when we do begin will be cheap and DIY. This project fits both those descriptions, as well as vintage and personal, so those are four of my favorite qualities in a project!

You'll need:

  • A vintage bedsheet (thin and worn is good)
  • Scissors
  • Linoleum block for carving (sold at art stores)
  • Carving tool
  • Screen-printing or fabric ink
  • Palette knife (or a butter knife or spoon will work)
  • Lino-block printing roller
  • Piece of glass, plexiglass, or a cereal box for rolling ink

You could also carve a rubber stamp instead of a lino-block, and use a fabric-friendly stamp pad instead of screen-printing ink, which would be easier and less messy.

When picking out a sheet, keep in mind that if the pattern is too busy, the monogram will be hard to see. And choose your fabric ink color to work best with the sheet (so if the sheet is mostly dark, use an opaque white or pastel ink color).

Make a short snip in the sheet to get it started.

First, you need to cut/tear your sheets into napkin squares. Most old sheets will tear excellently, making a straight edge, which will neatly fray and require no hem or stitching at all. Test to see if it will rip well by making a snip in one side, the size you want your napkin to be, then ripping at the cut. If it does not tear easily, then use your scissors to cut across the sheet.

Hopefully, your sheet will rip neatly and look something like this.

If it does rip well, then tear it all the way across, so you have one long strip. Then, make snips evenly across one side of the strip—I did this by folding it in half, then in half again, and again, then snipping through all the layers on the two sides of the folded piece.

Snipping through all the layers at once will guarantee equal-sized napkins.

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Jen_W writes: Love this! Relaxed but cool, just like you and Pete. Are you newly engaged? If so, congratulations!
Posted: 2:59 am on May 19th
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