Retro Duster Bag

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PamB PamB, member
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Finished product
Facing Reveres
Front and Back with hanger
Dress the front, and finish the back
Finished product

Finished product

Retro Duster Bag - I used to make these in the 60's and though we now live in a disposal society I still keep a fair range of dusters to use on the furniture.  In the 60's these little dresses used to hang on the back of the laundry or kitchen door and frugal housewifes would rip old towels and sheets to use, then wash them on wash day.  Novel concept!  Instructions on

Pattern or design used: My own design - PamB
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PamB writes: Hi Jen1964

I posted the instructions on my blog Have fun, if you make your own design let me know what it looks like.

Posted: 4:07 pm on May 31st
Jen1964 writes: I'll be watching for your instructions. You see, we still do the old methods for dusting. I have stacks of folded "rags" from worn out t-shirts, socks, etc, since the softer cloths are the favorites. We're always wearing those out, but hardly ever wear out sheets or dishrags! My mom-in-law used old diapers, and liked them so well, she just washed all her rags & kept using them.

We use the rags for everything from painting & staining projects to putting under furniture to slide across wood floors without scratching them. They aren't just for dusting, wet-sudsy work, or cars' armor-all.
Posted: 7:19 am on May 30th
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