Easy Fix For That Tight, Uncomfortable Sleeve.

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Start with the under sleeve seam...
& a seam ripper...
undo this seam. You dont need to undo the entire seam, about an inch to an inch & a half will generally do.
Re-sew the seam edges, reinforcing the bottom of the v with a few stitches sewn back & forth.
Sew a piece of elastic, about 1 or so long between the two resewn edges.
Since the elastic will be under the arm, it will be virtually invisible, so the color & type you choose is up to you. You can choose a lacier piece, for those rare instances when someone might catch a glimpse or one to match, as in the example. Either way, youll be totally cute & comfortable!
Start with the under sleeve seam...

Start with the under sleeve seam...

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Have you ever purchased a seemingly perfect, adorable short sleeve top, only to find that the sleeves are tight & uncomfortable? This has happened to me, on more than one occasion. The tops end up going back to the store (if I remember) or consigned to the back of a closet, worn maybe once. I take them out every once in a while & having forgotten that the sleeves are too tight & unable to resist the cuteness of ther design, I put them on. After the initial tightness wears off, I contemplate actually going out in public. Then, having glimpsed the offending sleeve & the unattractive bulge it has created on my arm, I choose something else to wear & toss the top to the side. My grandmother apparently had this happen to her as well (no, we don't come from a family filled with gargantuan armed people! Our arms are pretty normal) & she showed me an easy, almost invisible way to fix the issue & save those cute tops from oblivion.

Click on the photos, one by one, counter clockwise, for the directions.

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matti07 writes: I like this fix a lot! I am, however, confused -- why did a zipper pull appear?
Posted: 7:53 am on October 21st
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