How To Make a Braided Leather Headband

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This pretty hairband is a quick and easy project.
Cut out your band using the measurements youve determined.
This is how the strip will look after cutting the two slits. Ready to braid!
This pretty hairband is a quick and easy project.

This pretty hairband is a quick and easy project.

4. Sew the elastic. Cut the elastic 5" long if you want a 4" section, so you have 1/2" of seam allownance at each end. Wrap one end of the band around the elastic, with 1/2" of elastic inside, and stitch back and forth to secure. Repeat for the other side.

make a braded headband
Wrap the ends of the leather around the elastic to sew them on.


make a braded headband
Sew the ends of the leather through the elastic to attach.

Isn't that sweet? Makes a great gift or even birthday party activity (an adult can sew the elastic on), and keeps those unruly wisps away!

make a braded headband
The completed headband after sewing. I made my elastic section a little too long; I recommend making the elastic about 4" finished so it hides under your hair.


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Comments (5)

Stanlice writes: I loved this braided hairband
Posted: 3:13 am on September 13th
ChristabelBenoitUK writes: Really cool. I'll make one for my daughter.
Posted: 12:19 am on August 5th
craftretiree writes: This is great! To expand on this technique will make hat bands to dress up my plain straw hats.This will also make wonderful 'Thank You' gifts for family and friends.
Posted: 7:49 pm on June 4th
PeaBea writes: What a lovely idea, you could of course use T-shirt or other stretchy fabric , with the same result .
Posted: 6:39 pm on June 3rd
malekat writes: very nice
Posted: 8:31 am on September 10th
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