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Enjoy your new pin
1. Heat-n-bond fused to one square
2.  Trim felt even with the paper.  Remove the paper and save it for step 4.
3.  First square fused to second square
4.  Both squares are now fused together and trimed to 1 3/4
5.  Copy pattern to paper saved from fusible web.  Draw a 1 line from each corner and add a dot on each side and one dot in center
6.  Pin your pattern to the fused square and cut on the lines. 
7.  Pull down each side with dot and sew to center dot, continue until all four points are tacked in place
8.  Sew button in middle and add the pin on the back
Enjoy your new pin

Enjoy your new pin

Who doesn't remember playing with pinwheels in the wind. This will bring back memories of your childhood.  Pinwheel pins are fast and easy to make.  I made them with a group of girls. They had so much fun making them, they could not stop at only one.   If you don't want to wear it as a pin they also make great magnets. I hope you also have as much fun making them as I did. 

What you'll need:

2 squares of felt cut 2'' -cut each from a different color (I used pink & black)

1 square of paper backed fusible webbing cut 1 3/4" (I used Heat-n-Bond heavy duty)

1 small button

1 small bar pin


1.  Fuse the webbing to one side of the felt square - press 2-3 seconds

2.  Trim felt even with the paper so that now you have a 1 3/4" square.  Remove and save the paper.

3.  Fuse the first square to the second square and fuse (press for approx 10 seconds). Trim the second side even with the first side.  Now you should have a double sided 1 3/4" square.

4.  Copy pattern to the paper that was saved in step 2.  From each corner measure 1".  Mark dot on corner on each side of the square and one dot in center of square. Pin the paper onto the felt square.  Cut on the four lines.

5.  Pull down side with dot and sew to center of square- continue for all 4 sides.  Sew button in middle.  Hot glue pin on back.


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grits222 writes: Thanks, I am going to use orange and black felt along with a Halloween themed button. I do crafts with Seniors at a day care center. They will love these.
Posted: 7:54 pm on October 4th
dlipsky writes: Let me know if you enjoyed making them also!
Posted: 2:11 pm on July 27th
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