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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Everytime I go to the bookstore in Uwajimaya, the fabulous Asian specialty superstore in Seattle, I pour over all of the beautiful craft books from Japan and regret that I do not know Japanese. I'll stand there and stare at some simply gorgeous how-to and think to myself "how hard can it be?" But years of crafting experience have taught me that those very words are usually the ones that I ruefully recall when I am pulling my hair out after hours of frustration and screaming, "what was I thinking?"

That's why I was thrilled to discover this great website, Crafting Japanese: Japanese Craft Books Resource. The site features book reviews, completed projects, and some helpful translation so that even if your third of fourth language isn't Japanese you can still avail yourself to the wonderful projects and beautiful patterns from the other side of the world. The site also helps you to find local bookstores that stock specific titles and online vendors to purchase from. Plus, there is a great blog with projects and posts from other Japanese craft enthusiasts and there is even a link to some free patterns (with english translation) My great debt to this site is that I learned that I was mistaken in my language barrier intimidation: most of the how-to found in these books is actually very easy to follow (with a little guidance) and now my craft envy is craft possible.

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