Ripplefold Draperies

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Showing the Ripplefold Tape sewn onto the drapery
Ripplefold tape  on drapery panel
Showing the center of the drapery hardware with a Ripplefold drapery attached.
Showing the Ripplefold Tape sewn onto the drapery

Showing the Ripplefold Tape sewn onto the drapery

Photo: Ripplefold Drapery

Ripplefold Draperies - Contemporary Look

Ripplefold Draperies are contemporary, modern and a new look that creates a slim clean drapery.  Ripple fold draperies requires 25% less yardage and provides unlimited fullness options, making ripple fold an affordable and unique design option for contemporary settings.

Ripplefold-7 Ripplefold is named for the soft, ripple-like folds that flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The result if a gently tailored drapery suited to both commercial and residential installations. Ripplefold draperies may be used with either cord-draw or hand-draw Architrac rods.
Ripplefold draperies start with the fabrication of a flat panel. The flat panel may be constructed in one of two ways

By sewing a snap tape to the heading, or by sewing a 2" polyester buckram into the heading. Plastic pleaters are then sewn to the heading of this flat panel. 

The snaps or pleaters on the flat panel are then attached to the spaced carrier system in track. The fullness of Ripplefold draperies is achieved by the ratio of the spacing between the snaps or pleaters on the panels, to the spacing between the carriers. For example:
100% fullness is achieved with the 4 1/4" snap tape when used with a 2 1/8" spaced carrier system. (2 1/8" x 2=4 1/4 = 100% fullness)
Because Ripplefold is fabricated as a flat panel, it has a low maintenance factor, making it particularly attractive to specifications for commercial institutions like hospitals and nursing home. Draperies are easy to take down and re-hand. They can be washed, and then pressed flat. And, when they are re-hung, will fall easily into folds.


There are several sources for Ripplefold hardware but must sell to the trade only.  The photos in this blog are provided by Brimar which is one of my vendors.  Kirsch is another that offers the architrac and ripplefold system. 

Home Fashions U will be offering a class on Ripplefold Draperies for Professional Workrooms and Designers.   Barb Koppien of Barb's Workroom in Glendale,AZ will be the guest instructor.

The Class will be held August 8,2009 and your can register at


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Adojo writes: This seems an amazing product but I can't get the special Graber snap tape from anywhere in the UK can anybody help - I am a curtain maker in North London.
Posted: 7:18 am on May 20th
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