My first battle with a crochet hook...

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This is no tutorial. If you want one of those, go to the blogger hiding in the tab next to mine. I am in noooooo way an expert at crochet! In fact, I have just finished my first project! I am not exactly pleased with how he came out but I sure as hell am proud of myself for finishing him!


I have been knitting for about 7 months now and just this last week picked up crochet. I kick myself for not learning it sooner because I am in love with making stuffed animal toys (amigurumi!!!!). So anyways, I found an adorable octopus pattern and just had to make him... he started out ok... with a few holes here and there that I stitched up later but his legs... ugh. Half are HORRIBLE and half are wonderful! So overall he looks ok... But in my heart I know I could do much better down the line. I made him a cute eye patch to make him feel tougher around the other toys.

I also didn't know where to buy safty eyes since Guam isn't exactly famous for craft stores... So I used buttons and felt which I think turned out decent looking. But for sure, my next project will be much much better. :)

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