How to Create a Mosaic Mirror

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Transform a boring mirror into a DIY creation.
It is amazing the difference just a few broken dishes can make.
For the ultimate restyle, make use of any broken or cracked dishes you already own.
Transform a boring mirror into a DIY creation.

Transform a boring mirror into a DIY creation.

Photo: Sloan Howard

Tired of your same old, uninspired wall mirror? Give it a face lift with mosaic tiles. The mosaic technique inspires creativity and can quickly turn an average mirror into a textural work of art. Plus, depending on the size of the mirror, it can be great way to create a new focal point for a room without breaking the budget.

For this easy project, I used a combination of colorful precut mosaic tiles and custom-cut and broken dishes on a basic, round mirror. For the ultimate restyle, make use of any broken or cracked dishes you already own. I love the look of the mosaic mirror, but you could apply the same techniques to picture frames, tabletops, or other flat surfaces to give them simple, decorative makeovers.

What You'll Need:

•    Dry sponge
•    Framed wall mirror
•    Glue brush
•    Hammer
•    Mosaic adhesive
•    Mosaic grout
•    Mosaic tiles
•    Narrow spatula
•    Packing paper
•    Plates
•    Tile cutter
•    Utility knife
•    Optional: Disposable rubber gloves

Break for Style

There’s a satisfying crunch at the beginning of this project. Grab your hammer, and break up some plates.

1. Break the plates. Wrap plates in several sheets of packing paper. Then, break them into small pieces with a hammer.

Restyle plates with cracks or chips in them.

2. Prep the mirror. Clean and dry the mirror frame. Then, score it with a utility knife to facilitate a better adhesive bond later.

Scoring the mirror frame will help the tiles to adhere better to the base.

3. Add the design. Draw the design onto the mirror frame—the simpler the pattern, the better. Here, a kitchen bowl served as a template for a sun design.

Simple patterns will be easier to stick to.

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Comments (4)

cartel_tile_adhesive writes: That's grate idea! I'm sure you can use our products to do it!

Cartel-Dal tile adhesive
Posted: 1:55 pm on February 23rd
sophiecai writes: i'd love to use it on my new house, which will be ready in the end of this year....thanks so much for sharing.....
Posted: 9:45 am on February 17th
imready writes: OMGoodness.....I sooo want to try this!! You make it look easy!! ha ha
Wish me luck!!! Thanks for sharing such a darling project!!
Posted: 2:00 pm on October 1st
jenellsrevenge writes: I love this. I featured it on my blog.
Posted: 9:12 am on September 3rd
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