How to Make Creative Candle Holders

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Create unique accessories for your home by restyling your kitchen supplies.
This project is easy to complete with just a few supplies.
Add a touch of your own style. This project can also be used to create  a vase if you would prefer.
Create unique accessories for your home by restyling your kitchen supplies.

Create unique accessories for your home by restyling your kitchen supplies.

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by Sue Whitney
excerpted from CraftStylish Restyle, p. 51

Everyone needs a little light in their lives, so why not brighten your day by making candle holders? These beauties are quick, easy, and inexpensive, but the best part is that they look like you labored for hours crafting them. I say go ahead and let people believe you did-your secret is safe with me. If you're just getting started repurposing or you're short on time, this is the right project for you.

You may be wondering where to find the raw materials I used here. Flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops are crowd favorites, but my stainless-steel goodies were rescued from a used-restaurant-supply store. These hot spots have oodles of the good stuff just waiting to be reclaimed. Dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, baking pans, and much more can be found at these outlets, so check for one in your neck of the woods.

What You'll Need:

•    Cleaning cloth
•    Container or tin-can top for mixing epoxy, small
•    Epoxy, such as JB Weld Kwik
•    Florist's tape
•    Permanent spray adhesive, such as 3M Sprayment
•    Pencil
•    Scalloped stainless-steel dishes, small
•    Scissors
•    Stainless-steel cleaner
•    Stainless-steel, restaurant-supply cups
•    Super glue, such as Gorilla Glue
•    Utility knife, small
•    Vintage keys

Fashion your candle holder

These cute candle holders are stacked and then trimmed with colorful tape. Here, a key is used as an embellishment, but the possibilities for dressing up the accessories are open to your imagination.

1. Clean your supplies. Wash your cup and scalloped dish in warm soapy water; then polish them with stainless-steel cleaner and a soft cleaning cloth. 

2. Prep the tape. Cut two lengths of florist's tape approximately the circumference of the top and base of the stainless cup. Remove elasticity by carefully pulling to stretch the tape. Next, check the length again by wrapping the tapes around the cup. Allow enough length for a small overlap. Cut the tapes to the appropriate lengths.

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roselynbette writes: It's great, it looks so vintage!
Posted: 3:41 pm on March 29th
ImSuperGreen writes: This is a pretty unique, creative and unique candle holders. Thanks!
Posted: 3:44 pm on April 29th
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