Looking to make a "Teaching Kids to Sew Book"--Contributors Welcome!!

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Hi, I am starting sewing classes locally in Nacogdoches, TX. I am teaching kids to sew along with adult classes. I am using Winky Cherry System and Joann Grogan's books for my classes.

I am interested in knowing if there is a need for another teaching book?? I am interested in putting together my own sewing books (teaching) type. I am interested in obtaining FREE public domain type patterns or if someone wants to contribute some simple easy patterns for kids to make that would be appreciated and you'll get credit in the book.

So, far ideas for the book:

1. Make a pillow (simple kind--I can probably write up something for this).

2. Apron--need different sizes--some for young kids and some for teen sizes (so could use some help on this)--simpler the better--and then maybe a harder pattern for more advanced sewers--maybe one pattern for younger and one for teens.

3. Make a book cover/bible cover.

4. Make a needle book/or pincushion (simple).

5. Make a sewing accessories case--so far I may use a knitting needle case idea and just make the pockets bigger sizes.

6. Make a crayon roll (for younger kids--older kids wouldn't be interested in this).

7. Make a skirt--simple for beginners and then maybe more advanced for older kids. I could use some help with pattersn on this.

8. To learn buttonholes--maybe make a jumper with buttonholes on it.

9. Make a backpack (drawstring) learn.

10. zippers--make a zippered pouch, a dress with a zipper, etc. (any ideas/patterns appreciated.)

I probably have more ideas for the book--I might have a level one and level two book--leave zippers and buttonholes even for level two.

Let me know if you have any ideas or wish to contribute. I will probably self-publish through Lulu.com or createaspcae.com

All for now,

Julie at Sewing in the Pines!

P.S. I also might do a crochet book--so ideas for that are also appreciated!

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Comments (2)

shaydaisy writes: Dear Julie,
We are nearly neighbors! I live in Plano, TX. And, I too wish you luck with your classes and book. I was thinking back to my beginning sewing class and the first thing we made was slipper slacks which was basically a drawstring bag for shoes. I believe it had two "legs." I also had the thought that the second level class might be capable of a simple vest.
I have also seen several ways of modifying old t-shirts that might be interesting to kids.
Posted: 10:23 am on October 20th
dlipsky writes: Dear Julie,
Good luck with your sewing class. I've taught sewing at a local school for the past 10 years. The girls in my classes are aged 10 and up. We made lots of small (some not so small) projects.

Some of the thngs we made:
-pinwheel pin (posted in craftstylish)
-doll sleeping bag
-simple hat, mittens, scarf (fleece)
-pillow case
-pin cushion
-locker organizer
-small zipper bag
-sweat shirt jacket
-small stuffed animals
-small tote bag
Posted: 9:31 pm on September 2nd
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