How to Crochet a Satin and Lace Pillow

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Add a touch of style to your living space with this pretty crochet pillow.
Simply sew a simple satin pillow in your favorite color.
Here is the pattern for crocheting the lace squares for the pillowcase. Click here to download the instructions and pattern.
Add a touch of style to your living space with this pretty crochet pillow.

Add a touch of style to your living space with this pretty crochet pillow.

Photo: Zach Desart

by Amanda Chaloupka
CraftStylish Quick Stuff to Make, p. 39-41

This elegant pillow unites the old-world charm of crocheted lace with the modern luxury of a brightly colored satin. Inspired by the aesthetic of a dangling chandelier, the crocheted pattern combines the techniques of filet crochet lace with the structure of a crocheted-in-the-round granny square.

Using only the basic chain, double crochet, and slip stitches, any crocheter with a little patience could tackle this project. Each row has an inherent logic, and after just a few stitches, you'll fall into the groove of the design. After making just two squares, you'll end up with a beautiful accessory for the home that will showcase your crochet talents while adding a touch of style to any living space.

Stitch Abbreviations

beg: beginning
ch: chain
corn seq: corner sequence
dc: double crochet
dec: decrease
sl st: slip stitch
sp: space
sts: stitches
yo: yarn over

What You'll Need:

1-yard of satin fabric
1 14-inch pillow form
Sewing machine or hand-sewing needle and thread
3 skeins Patons Brilliant yarn in Green Glitter
Size US E crochet hook

Sew the Satin Cover

This pillow cover was created with leftover satin fabric from my wedding dress. The satin contrasts nicely with the glittery lace yarn. But feel free to use any fabric you like to peek out from under the lacy crochet.

1. Cut two 15-inch squares of satin fabric. With right sides (RS) together, pin the squares together on three sides. Either with a sewing machine or by hand, sew the three pinned sides with a 1⁄2-inch seam allowance. Clip the corners. Then, turn the pillow RS out, and push out the corners.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor


2. Place the pillow form inside the satin cover. Then fluff into the corners. Fold in a 1⁄2-inch seam allowance on the open side of the pillow cover, and pin it closed. Topstitch or hand-sew the fourth side together with a 1⁄2-inch
seam allowance.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor



Crochet the Outer Pillow Square

The outer pillow cover consists of two crocheted squares. Each square is worked in the round. Do not turn between rows; all rows are worked with the right side (RS) facing. Follow the detailed pattern instructions found in the downloable and printable guide.

click to download instructions  

Here's the pattern for crocheting the lace squares for the crochet pillowcase. Make two squares, and then crochet them together.

Click here to download the printable instructions.

1. Create a ring of 4 chain (ch) Stitches (STS). Start the ring at the center of the pillow design. Slip stitch (sl st) to the first ch to form a ring. This ring is the foundation for any crochet pattern worked in the round.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor

2. Next, build on that center ring. Use double-crochet (dc) sts, and complete the round by joining with sl st to the top of first dc. When crocheting in the round, a sl st joins the first and last sts invisibly and eliminates seams.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor

3. Proceed with the design, following the pattern. In row 3, the corner sequence (corn seq) begins. This creates the square shape of the pillow while incorporating the pattern's chandelier-shaped design element.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor

4. Continue following the pattern. At about row 6, you are beginning to build the shapes within the filet pattern. Filet crochet is an open-mesh background with the design emerging as you crochet from solid "blocks" of sts. Filet patterns generally employ a combination of dc and ch sts in which the dc sections create the design pattern.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor



Assemble the Crochet Squares
Now that you've crocheted your lacy squares, you'll need to assemble them into a pillow cover to surround your satin pillow.

Note: The actual size of each square is 14 inches. The photos show a mini square for illustrative purposes.

1. Hold the crocheted squares with wrong sides together. Beginning at an outer corner and working through only the back loops of each square, sc in each double crochet dc and ch across. Sc through sts in both squares. Use 2 sc instead of 1 in the first and last sts of each side (to make the corners square).

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor


make a lacy crochet pillow home decor

2. Before Closing up the fourth side, insert the satin pillow. Then, crochet the fourth side together around the pillow, as you did the first three sides, ending with a sl st to complete the round. Join the last st to the first st with a sl st. Ch 1. Row 1: Working in back loops only, sc in each sc around the edge of the pillow with 2 sc in the first and last sts of each side. Join the last sc to the first sc with sl st. Repeat row 1 as desired. Tie off. Weave in ends.

make a lacy crochet pillow home decor



make a lacy crochet pillow home decor

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SewingAsArt writes: This is really lovely. This is a traditional way of making pillows in Greece. Still lots of crocheting going on here! I had some pillows made here (Chania, Crete) with turquise satin and feather filling. I used a crochet covering I was given as a gift. The gentleman who made my pillow retired. He had many beautiful colors to chose from for covering the pillow. I hope I can find a new shop. I enjoy crocheting most of all but I can use this to make a pillow now if I need to do it myself!
Posted: 2:25 am on September 8th
CreativeG writes: I absolutely loved your cushion styling. Could you please share the design pattern with us (I'm new to crochet and can't make out design pattern just by looking into it :))

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