Coral Butterflies by the Sea Dress

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Dress Front
Dress Back
Butterfly Detail
Butterfly and Bow Detail
Dress Front

Dress Front

This dress was inspired by the pink Gucci dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore.  I loved the simplicity of the dress and the almost asymetrical bow at the neck.  Since seeing this dress I've been obsessed with asymetrical bunches of fabric at the neck. 

So in my dress I stuck with the simplicity and I did two bows at the shoulder.  The fabric is made out of some sort of synthetic, finely woven sheer fabric that my mom was using for curtains in her bedroom.  It drapes really nicely but is also very slinky and shifts so it was hard to deal with when sewing.  I draped the dress on my dress form.  To add to the simplicity, the front of the dress is basically the same as the back.  For the lining, I used the same fabric.   This dress was sewn entirely using hand stitches.  I don't think that this fabric will survive the brutal puncturing of a sewing machine.  To sew the neckline and the armholes to each other and the lining was a challenge.  Since this fabric moves so much and stretches, (it wasn't cut on bias but it was just as flexible as if it were)  I sewed the neckline and armholes with chain stitches to create extra flexibility.  I didn't want any bunches or gathers in those areas.  This resulted in a smooth attachment of the lining!  I sewed the sides of the dress with tiny, tiny running stitches.  Of coursed I pressed at every step of the way, and this fabric presses very well!  It looked seamless!

The bows I stitched with running stitches, flipped inside out, and pressed.  The bows are appliqued onto the shoulder.  The hem of the dress I used the invisible stitch herringbone stitch (I'm sorry if I'm confusing, but there are so many names for these stitches!  I just use them!)

I had this extra coral red suede leather that I thought looked very beautiful next to the seafoam color.  I cut small butterflies and gradually larger and larger ones with scissors out of the leather.  Then I used an x-acto knife to cut out the detailing on the butterflies, and then I appliqued them onto the bows.

My birthday is actually tomorrow (sept 18), and I meant this to be my birthday dress!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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