Tips for Selling at a Craft Fair

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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Sarah Neuberger was at Renegade Brooklyn in 2007 with her line, The Small Object.

Sarah Neuberger was at Renegade Brooklyn in 2007 with her line, The Small Object.

Photo: Susan Beal

Renegade Craft Fair is going on in San Francisco for the first time this weekend, and there are so many other crafty events coming up coast to coast and internationally later this summer... so here are some great articles, written by Sarah Neuberger, to check out if you're planning to sell your jewelry or other crafts.

I met Sarah at Renegade in Brooklyn last summer -- she makes amazing ornaments, toys and collectibles, all under the moniker The Small Object. She's published a super helpful article on the ins and outs of selling at a craft fair, including links and info on some of the biggest ones nationwide. And she's also written great posts on display ideas and tags and details.

A few of my own tips for selling at fairs are:

-Bring plenty of change, in 1s and 5s especially. For a large two-day event like Renegade, I'd start with $100 in small bills; for a smaller local event, $50 or even $30 is probably good. Make sure that you know where the nearest ATM is, both for yourself if you run low on cash, and in case customers ask.

-Bring along food and water (and coffee if you are into that sort of thing) so that you don't have to stop and leave your table or booth when you're hungry.

-Make friends with your neighbors so that you can watch each other's tables if you need a quick bathroom break, or need change for a 20 on the fly.

-Be sure to have a tall stack of business cards or postcards with your info and website so that people can find you later for custom orders or holiday shopping.

-And most of all, have fun! If you can, get a helper or booth neighbor to watch your table so you can make a quick circuit to meet other vendors, shop or potentially trade your work for others'. I've met so many great people at events, and it's a nice way to see tons of cool handmade stuff in real life instead of online.

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Comments (4)

crafty_gal writes: hi,
This site has a listing of lots of shows across the country.

Posted: 4:11 pm on July 15th
SweeTart77 writes: oops! I guess Sarah didn't contribute those tips, Susan did! Thanks Susan.
Posted: 8:45 pm on July 14th
SweeTart77 writes: Sarah, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have made note!
To find craft fairs Google "Indie Craft Fairs" for starters.
Posted: 8:44 pm on July 14th
invitetheparty writes: I'm a new to this and would like to find out how you find craft shows to show your work?
Posted: 1:14 pm on July 13th
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