Project Runway Episode 6 Recap

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Nicolas winning ice queen costume.
Altheas film noir design
Carol Hannahs action/adventure design

Nicolas winning ice queen costume.

Nicolas' winning ice queen costume.


Yet another episode has gone by and another designer was sent packing.

This week's challenge was to make a costume fit for the silver screen. The film genres included sci-fi, film noir, period, action/adventure, and western.

Perhaps it was the limited budget for this round, but I was actually underwhelmed with most of the designs. This challenge should have been filled with dramatic pieces and over-the-top hair and makeup. There were a couple standouts that could have fit on the big screen, but most of the garments were actually boring.

The most exciting part of this episode for me was next week's preview because I was SO HAPPY to hear Michael Kors' voice. Seriously. Where has he been!?! Welcome back, Mr. Kors. I have missed you so.



Althea's film noir inspired garments.


Carol Hannah

Carol Hannah's action/adventure-inspired ensemble. The shiny leather and trench are very Matrix/Trinity inspired. She definitely looks like she knows kung-fu or at least has a firearm hidden somewhere on her person.



Christopher's vampire bride circa turn-of-the-century Paris. While this is not historically accurate at all, it's still dramatic and memorable.




While western wasn't Epperson's first choice (I think his name must be stuck to the bottom of that velvet bag), Epperson made the most of his theme with this rustic frontier ensemble. The layers were gritty yet pretty and all that leather added the perfect utilitarian touch.



Gordana chose the 1920s as her inspiration for this period piece. The dress is beautifully made and her handmade accessories portray the period perfectly. However, the judges felt as though she didn't portray her interpretation of the era enough and she was almost eliminated.



Irina's film noir nightgown and organza robe featured lace inserts and black satin. 



Logan's action/adventure ensemble, complete with a Tomb Raider/Lara Croft-like pony tail. I liked the red lace behind the slashes to portray wounds, and the embellishments that almost looked like ammo in the front, however I still feel as though I've seen this before.




Louise's film noir-inspired dress left the judges yawning and almost sent her home. This genre seemed like an area where Louise should have shined brighter than all the rest. Can you imagine what the judges' reactions would have been if she had sent the dress she made from the first challenge down the runway for this? Oh, Louise. I'm glad you have another chance next week.




Nicolas' ice-queen sci-fi design garnered him the title of winner for the week. His look was definitely one of the most creative of this week, although I think that maybe the Loreal Paris makeup/hair team may have won it for him.




Ra'mon's sci-fi-inspired reptilian dress caused him to be eliminated this week. He started out with a unitard-based outfit and thankfully scrapped it and went an entirely different direction with only 2 hours of work time left. I love how on his sketch his inspirations are: "cyborg, Predator, [Jean Paul] Gaultier."




Shirin's costume was western-inspired. Her ensemble was definitely something that could be seen in a saloon on a woman about to serve you a few pitchers of beer or a jug of moonshine.



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Comments (11)

Craig27Jannie writes: That is known that money can make people independent. But how to act when someone doesn't have money? The one way only is to get the loan and small business loan.
Posted: 2:16 am on September 2nd
RoxiSoccerGirl writes: love all these pictures.the designers really have a sense of style about what the judges really look for.

Posted: 1:34 pm on October 5th
TatusWelle1 writes: Agreed with y'all; Nicolas DEFINITELY fell into this one.
That dress was NOT a winner. Eperson shoulda taken this one; or Christopher.
Posted: 5:02 pm on October 1st
CampNiNi writes: I think a major problem this season has been with the judges. Typically there's always been one guest judge and the three that are always there. By the time they're a few weeks in, the designers have an idea what they expect. But when you're dealing with random people every week, what are they suppose to do. This should have been a great challange. But they didn't seem to know if they were expected to put a modern interpretation on it (like Christopher did) or go for a quality piece that's true to the genre/time period (like Gordana did). Give these guys some guidelines already.
And I usually love Irena's stuff but this nightgown thing was just tacky. And this TOTALLY should have been Louise's week. She should have stuck to her sketch. BTW, love being able to see the sketches on here!
I agree, Nicholas' was totally aided by makeup & hair. He fell into this one.
Posted: 1:26 pm on October 1st
ilovesewinginsa writes: Thanks for the Project Runway updates! I think Epperson should have own this challenge and I was sad to see Ra'mon go home.
Posted: 2:31 am on October 1st
glamspoon writes: love these recaps! it's great fun to break it all down and see the sketches with the finished garment photos. I think they were too hard on Louise... and Epperson should start doing western movie costumes! thanks!
Posted: 12:10 am on October 1st
treadlepedal writes: Thanks for this recap! I am missing some of the shows as life interferes, but love seeing what the participants create. They are inspiring, and it is a classroom experience seeing how they need to work with the models and create from their experience.

Posted: 8:48 pm on September 30th
msbyrdt writes: I agree with all of the comments, so far. I'm finding the whole show lacking in enthusiasm. None of the contestants seem to really, really want to win...they're all so low key. Even the judges seem like they're just there....bored with the whole thing.
Irina's dress reminded me of a nightgown that I saw in a "Fredricks of Hollywood" catalog, back in the day. Gordana & Louise....????what were they thinking? Surely not, Hollywood, movies, action!
This show seems to have been affected by the move to Cali'. Tim seems worried about the lack of talent or enthusiasm, too.
I hope Micheal Kors return will add some spark & light a fire under everyone. I figured that he must've been at fashion week.
Here's hoping!
Posted: 3:18 pm on September 30th
seacrab writes: Wow, I thought the judges were way off this week. Nicolas' dress was top-3 worthy but I really think Epperson hit it out of the park, especially since he didn't even get to choose his genre. And c'mon, the real snoozefest was Althea's! I like her stuff, but I could've made that myself, and I don't call myself a designer. Enough with the high-waisted skirts already, Althea. Ra'mon and Louise showed more creativity. Would love to know what aspects the judges place the most value on, and why it seems to change from week to week.
Posted: 10:51 pm on September 26th
Relished_Artistry writes: I think there was a real problem this episode with understanding what the difference is between costuming and fashion. Gordana's was the only outfit that actually looked "period" enough to be in a period film... The other outfits had varying degrees of success fitting into their styles. Nicolas's worked, but certainly not because of it's quality...

I think the show did a disservice to the film industry by creating parameters for the challenge that weren't realistic. 1 day? $150? Pleaze. The only times that happens during a production is if things have gone really really badly and someone has made a very big mistake in their planning...

There are some major differences between costumes and fashion, and none of them were exploited in this challenge. They got fashions inspired by film genres, not costumes. Someone didn't think this through, and if Project Runway is gonna garner respect with Tinsel Town's most popular industry they're gonna have to demonstrate that costuming needs to be approached with some respect...

Coulda been a better episode. And there's no reason why it shouldn't have been.
Posted: 11:59 pm on September 25th
maggie2381 writes: If Louise had put a mustard or poison green slip under her dress, it would have stood out better. I like Louise, what was she thinking making that white-girl-nude slip to be worn by Fatima?
Posted: 10:47 pm on September 25th
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