Project Runway Episode 8 Recap

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Gordana was the winner with this chic and expensive looking dress.
Eppersons Oktoberfest dress sends him home this week.
Shirin saves herself by adding stitching to her boring white fabric.
Gordana was the winner with this chic and expensive looking dress.

Gordana was the winner with this chic and expensive looking dress.


The wedding challenge has finally arrived! The designers wore shocked expressions as their "new models" walked out onto the runway this week wearing a variety of wedding dresses. Recently divorced, the models wanted their former bridal gowns transformed into hip new looks for starting out in their new lives.

Last week, Irina won the Macy's Blue Challenge and was able to choose a model first. Of course, she chose the divorcee with the largest dress to have the most fabric to work with. Shirin was forced to choose last and was stuck with a plain, short, white dress with about two yards of fabric.

Shirin earned a spot in the top three with some creative stitching. Also in the top spots were Gordana (classic/chic) and Irina (expensive, chic, and unbelievable). Christopher (tin foil), Epperson (Oktoberfest/pirate's wench), and Logan (Oktoberfest AGAIN!) made up the bottom three.

In the end, the winner of this challenge was Gordana with her chic and edgy transformation, earning her immunity for next week. Both Oktoberfest garments fell to the bottom two, but it was Epperson heading home having been declared "out," leaving Logan with a second chance.










Carol Hannah


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laurieberke writes: Whew! Gordana is probably such an amazing craftsperson, I'm really glad that won this, because I've been worried about her, as the others are younger, and they believe that they have fresher ideas. I guess she proved them wrong!!!

I really liked Carol Hannah's creation, as well!
Posted: 11:43 pm on October 25th
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