Project Runway Episode 9 Recap

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Carol Hannah finally made it to the winners circle with this elegant black textured gown.
The judges agreed the top of Shirins  gown was just alright, but the bottom was a complete mess.
Gordana was lucky to have immunity this week. She could easily have been eliminated with this gown.
Carol Hannah finally made it to the winners circle with this elegant black textured gown.

Carol Hannah finally made it to the winner's circle with this elegant black textured gown.


Create an extravagant stage look for singer Christina Aguilera, in the style of designer Bob Mackie. This was the challenge offered to the designers this week. With 2 days to work and $300 for materials, the designers were drowning in feathers and sequins after their trip to Mood.

All of the designers seemed to crack under the stress and exhaustion of designing for the show this week. None of the garments really wowed the judges, and Gordana should feel lucky that she received immunity (the last of the season) with her win last week. Everyone has been playing it safe instead of going for the big win.

Many of the designers tried for a big reveal this week and failed miserably. The best line of the night belongs to Tim (as always) speaking to Christopher about his design, "If you’re going to have a reveal it should be super-sexy-slut."  Tim also brought Nicolas down a peg, by declaring his sense of déjà vu as he found himself looking at a duplicate of the ice queen gown from week 6. With only 3 more challenges to go, this season looks to be ending with a whimper rather than a bang.

Bottom 3: Shirin, Christopher, and Logan
Top 3:
Nicolas, Carol Hannah, and Althea
Carol Hannah

Backstage photo courtesty of Brother Sewing Machines.

Take a look at all of the designs and then vote for who should have won and who should be out this week in our poll below.







Carol Hannah









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Maffy_U writes: If you missed the one of the most recent episodes of Project Runway Season 6, here's a recap. The episode was about the Location theme, and designers had to create an outfit that was inspired by a particular place, like New York, Greece, St. Tropez, or maybe Pig's Knuckle, Arkansas. The winner was Irina, whose Aspen themed clothes were a huge hit – even if no one in Aspen actually wears clothes like that, except a bunch of rich tourists that usually underpay and mistreat the residents who work hard to please their ridiculous demands on vacation. Nicholas was sent packing. It was an eventful episode of Project Runway, and the DVD of the season might be worth some quick cash.

Posted: 3:55 am on November 5th
laurieberke writes: Soooo happy to see Carol Hannah take this one - so stylish & tasteful, a gorgeous dress!!!
Posted: 11:38 pm on October 25th
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