Project Runway Episode 11 Recap

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Was Altheas design this week really the best of the best?
This sci-fi number sent Logan home without a win this season.
Gordana was in the bottom two with this boring and safe design.
Was Altheas design this week really the best of the best?

Was Althea's design this week really the best of the best?


This week Heidi challenged the designers to create a companion pieces to accompany their best designs. For many of the designers this meant a winning design, but for Logan (who has never won), they chose his best piece, all the way back from week 1. In the end, Logan was sent home with the sci-fi nightmare below, and Althea was given the win. Personally I wasn't a fan of Althea's inspiration garment in the first place, and this week's garment didn't impress me either. I thought Irina's use of the oversize sweater worked better than what Althea was trying to do.

What did you think about the designs this week? Let me know in the comments and be sure to vote in the poll.



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Carol Hannah

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Comments (8)

fashiongoddess22 writes: i'm loving irina's dress for this one... i've never seen such a warm palette look more party ready!!!
Posted: 4:07 pm on November 9th
laurieberke writes: Carol Hannah's design was beautiful!!! I hope she wins the series. She has consistently made gorgeous garments.

I really liked Gordana's suit, as well. I loved the cut and the darting. I don't know why the judges pick her designs apart every week.

I wasn't crazy about Althea's design - the pants were awful!!! However, I was really glad that "Meana Irena" didn't win!!! lol!
Posted: 8:07 pm on November 6th
Miscismom writes: I didn't think any of them were very good. However, I thought Gordans's was the most wearable. Unless you are very tall, and very thin, the really full short short skirt simply doesn't work, and the weird "bag" waistband is unflaterring as well. I wasn't a big fan of Irina's dress, but I liked it better than than HUGE falling off the shoulder sweater she made.

Overall, a very disappointing week.
Posted: 6:30 pm on November 6th
Kerstin_R writes: I actually like Logans design very much; I could picture myself wearing this nice combination of a cool top and the flirty skirt. - Perhaps her designs are too wearable and not enough "l´art pour l´art" to the jury? ;)

I also like Gordanas version of a contemporary jacket; this also looks very wearable. Not your ordinary office suit!

As for Althea, if the collar in the model would have been similar to the one on her draft, perhaps that would look better... I don´t think her finished piece to be very interesting; it simply looks like the usual shrug with oversized sleeves - but perhaps there is more to see in person?

Irinas Cape, also with oversized sleeves, looks much more interesting to me because of the asymmetric hem. :)

Carols design is very sweet and sexy, but only wearable if your legs are 20 cm longer than the usual ones... ;)
Posted: 6:33 am on November 6th
elily00 writes: I loved Carol Hannah's. In my opinion, she definitely should have won this challenge. I really did not enjoy Althea's original creation or the one that followed! She is not my favorite designer, and I really don't understand why the judges like her so much. She is unique, though, so I'll give her credit for that! Maybe it's just not my taste...

I also like Gordana's suit quite a lot! I thought it was totally cute, so I was disappointed at the judges reaction :( This whole season has been really weird for me- I thought three of their earlier eliminations were ridiculous - Ra'mon, Epperson, and Shirin were my top 3 picks, and I thought none of them deserved to go home so early! What a disappointing season. All I can do now is pull for Carol Hannah or maybe Irina despite her ridiculous attitude that really has nothing to do with the contest anyway...
Posted: 6:14 pm on November 5th
cirone writes: maybe the clothes look different in person than on tv? not understanding althea's win, but then again, i didn't understand her win earlier (or how she escaped all wrath for her film noir outfit). i get the distinct feeling that heidi likes her the best based on comments she makes.

i feel bad for logan. i liked his young hollywood outfit a lot from last week and didn't think it deserved all the "it's just clothes" comments. but he had a unique style, and one i don't think the PR judges are looking for. i feel like they reward the feminine, "luxe", and slightly edgy looks the most.

and i just have to say...i'm addicted to the show now after all these craftstylish updates on it. can't believe next week is the last one!
Posted: 11:36 pm on November 3rd
Moosemaniac writes: I agree. I've been impressed with Carol Hannah's designs week after week. I hope she makes it to the end.
Posted: 5:29 pm on November 3rd
Sweet_Pea writes: I really liked Carol Hannah's design. Very cute both coming and going. I also like Gordana's suit. I don't think it deserved the comments from the judges.

I do not think Althea's design was the best. To me the sweater was a flop and the slacks were just crazy.

Even though I did not like Logan's design, I do think his model really worked it and wore it well. To me, that is what many items on the run way look like, just out there!
Posted: 4:09 pm on October 31st
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