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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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This market basket from Fine could be great inspiration for a grocery tote of your own.

This market basket from Fine could be great inspiration for a grocery tote of your own.

Photo: Courtesy of Fine

Check out these environmentally friendly grocery totes on Fine With the totes and baskets collected by editor Rebecca Freedman, "you’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll feel virtuous and look stylish, too." You could even use these great totes as inspiration for your entry into the Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge.

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Comments (5)

neilreyes writes: I love this bag.
Posted: 1:48 am on December 19th
garyneal3 writes: enclume pot rack
Posted: 10:24 am on July 11th
garyneal3 writes: I love these kinds of totes. My sister had one that looked almost exactly like this and she said it was a much better way to shop. Reduces trash from grocery sacks and plus you get the added bonus of looking stylish while you're shopping! She keeps hers on her enclume pot rack that she got from Where do you keep yours?
Posted: 10:24 am on July 11th
Minimeg writes: Actually, some grocery stores in the US are starting to charge for bags, or at least give you a small discount for bringing your own bags.
Posted: 11:01 pm on July 20th
SharonAnderson writes: I used something like this to shop while I was abroad in Greece. Yeah, I felt a little bit like an old lady, but they make you pay 10 cents a bag for plastic, so you quickly learn to bring your own when you're on a student's budget. I wish American grocery stores would do that too. It's kind of like gas--if you have to pay a high price for it, maybe you'll find a way to stop using it (so much).
Posted: 12:51 pm on July 17th
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