Project Runway Week 12 Recap

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Gordanas ethereal gown was the prettiest of the night, but it was not enough in the end.
Christophers garment based on a rock fountain at The Getty Center couldnt save him from heading home.
With only five designers left this week, the work room was a desolate place.
Gordanas ethereal gown was the prettiest of the night, but it was not enough in the end.

Gordana's ethereal gown was the prettiest of the night, but it was not enough in the end.


"I want Nina Garcia's stilettos to blow right off of her feet and shoot across the runway." - Tim Gunn

This week marked the last challenge of the season before we get into the two part season finale. I don't blame Tim for wishing the designers would step up and blow us all away this week. This has not been my favorite season of Project Runway. The contestants have been a little bland, without any strong personalities coming forward, the designs have been boring and safe, and the rotating cast of judges has not helped matters much either. The move to Los Angeles has also been a loss for the show. The personalities of Project Runway are what keep people coming back year after year. Without judges like Nina Garcia and Michael Kors each week, there has been a loss of cohesive personality. They have moved too far away from the characters we love, New York City included.

They have tried to incorporate the city of L.A. into the challenges throughout the season, but it does not have the same atmosphere that NYC brought to the show. This week The J. Paul Getty Center was used for inspiration. Designers were allowed to explore The Getty with their models and chose anything that stuck them as inspiring. The sky was the limit.

  • Christopher chose a rock fountain for inspiration, creating a stiff skirt with a flowing top. The judges said the skirt had a life of its own (reminiscent of a long denim skirt) and sent Christopher home.
  • Carol Hannah fell in love with a French bed from the European Arts Gallery. The judges thought her gown didn't necessarily reflect her inspiration, but was well constructed.
  • Irina created a loose flowing gown based on the painting Mischief in Repose by Godward. She was forced to dismiss a fur wrap, after Tim shot down the idea, "It's looking a lot like road kill... a post apocalyptic moment."
  • Althea thought the architecture of the building was the inspiration needed to send her to Bryant Park. She used angles and lines to create a puckering skirt, which Heidi called "a bit of a mess-fest".
  • Gordana had a spiritual moment with her flowing gown based on the Rouen Cathedral by Monet. The painting invoked an angelic and spiritual presence which left the judges impressed, but the construction (especially the back) was not enough to send Gordana through to the finale.
Our Final Three: Carol Hannah, Irina, and Althea.

Do you agree with the final three or did the judges make the wrong call? Check out the designs below and let me know in the comments.





Carol Hannah


Thanks to Brother International Corporation, for supplying exclusive behind the scenes photos!


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Comments (14)

Nannette writes: I agree with the others that this season was not as hot as past seasons. The final three picks were expected, but i felt it was not the right ones. Irina is very focused designer should be in the finals. A great designer should be able to design the total package, from head wear to foot wear and accessories. Although Carol Hanna is good at dresses, that is all that she does. What happens when she gets to the real world. Althea designs are not that great. I felt like Gordana deserves to be in the finals. Although it is a competition and you need to please the judges, she stayed true to her style. I wish all the designers well and hope to see their deigns on the red carpet
Posted: 3:41 pm on November 15th
churunga writes: I was very disappointed with the results of this challenge but the garments were as I expected -- safe or unwearable.

threads magazine had an artcle on Yves Saint Laurant and the inspiration he took from great works of art and put into his garments. My impression is that he put the art on the garment. These designers seemed rather afraid to do that.

Gordana came the closest with her gorgeous dress. The zipper was rather poorly installed. Irina's dress was not at all attractive. I was rooting for Christopher but his lack of knowledge showed here with his bad choice of fabric for his dress. Althea's dress was a disaster. Carol Hanna's dress was beautiful and, I believe, could have been more luxuriously draped.

Based on the performance of the designers this season, I can only surmise that these final three were picked because of the consistency of their work.

New York's Garment District is in danger of being reduced from a square mile sized manufacturing area to a square block multi-storey building. The land is considered better used for condos and retail. Some designers are trying to stop this from happening. It would be sad if one of the last places in which America actually made something disappears.
Posted: 10:29 am on November 12th
glamspoon writes: great write up - I totally agree that this season has had a lot less wow factor than previous seasons. I think the newspaper challenge was the most interesting so far. Maybe the finale will redeem itself!
Posted: 9:20 am on November 12th
vimmi writes: i am at a loss to know with the gown almost on wiping floor length, how one can feel good. the comfort zone of the attaire is must.whatever the dress may be.

Posted: 7:52 pm on November 11th
samsstuff writes: Gordana's gown is absolutely gorgeous, but it seems as though there is more going on than judging the items made for the challenge, at this point. Irina's dress does not seem very flattering & Carol Hannah's dress, while lovely in the drawing, does not seem to move well with the model. All in all, though I have to agree that, as much as I love LA, it was not a very interesting season.
Posted: 7:46 pm on November 11th
Corkys_Kid writes: I think I share similar feelings to most of you regarding this season of PR. Irina used to irk me with her attitude, but, "if you can walk the talk," and which she certainly has done so, then she really does need to be in the top three. I can appreciate that she is an efficient worker, focused, stays relatively calm, and I don't recall seeing her scrambling like some of the others have this season. That takes some real discipline. I was happy that she opened up a bit about her family and why she is so driven. Kudos to her. It will be interesting to see the collections from all three. It was good to hear in the "teaser" that Carol Hannah told Tim, "I made pants!" Good for her to step it up beyond dresses. All three deserve to be there; they've been fun to watch.
Posted: 5:30 pm on November 11th
elily00 writes: I totally agree that this season has been a bit disappointing. I also totally agree about Gordana/Althea. Although Althea brings a fairly unique perspective, I think she gets way too much credit. Her designs have seemed very poorly constructed throughout the show. I do agree with the judges that her ambition is great, but I also think she needed to show up with some better construction (plus her designs are just not my taste at all!). I think that Gordana should have been top 3 and not Althea. Easy. Even when Gordana was in the bottom 3 I did not agree with it.

Also, I said it before, but they totally got it wrong this season. The top three should have been Ra'mon, Epperson, and either Shirin or Irina. I just can't believe they sent those three home so early. What does everyone else think about that?

Oh yeah- AND I totally saw the connection between Carol Hannah's dress and her inspiration! The braiding, draped piece and the bottom, and the "bedskirt"-type chiffon at the bottom were totally en pointe! What were the judges thinking? How can you not see that?
Posted: 4:57 pm on November 11th
DLGiles writes: Gordana should have been selected to go on to the finals. Her design was beautiful, with a direct--but not cloying--link to her inspiration. She is a very soulful designer, and I only hope that being on Project Runway leads to many opportunities for her. Irina is definitely an interesting designer (though not this week), and my guess is that she will win. OK, so Carol does nice dresses, but let's see what else she can do. Althea just seems very middle-of-the-road to me, nothing to get excited about. Overall the season has been pretty drab. I, too, miss New York!
Posted: 4:34 pm on November 11th
Miss_Linda writes: I agree with your assessment of Season 6. I have been very disappointed. I actually purchased the DVD sets of all previous seasons, and enjoy watching them while I am in my sewing room working on a project. But this season was less than compelling. If this is any indication of where Project Runway is headed, I think their best days may be behind them.

Frankly, I have missed two or three episodes and have not bothered to go back and watch them. The best part about this season, quite honestly, has been reading your synopsis each week!

I hope a return to New York will breathe life back into this series. If Season 7 is as lackluster as Season 6, I'll be giving them MY "auf wiedersehen" !
Posted: 4:00 pm on November 11th
cirone writes: i agree with the judge's choices...based on their comments (haha). their comments are so transparent. I agree with Angelinpdx that it seems like heidi has a hidden issue with gordana. in the same way, it seems like heidi really favors althea.

on a side note, i'm actually ok with irina, even her snarky interview comments, which at entertaining and are no more mean than nicholas' or althea's gossip chitchat (not her interview answers). i get the feeling project runway didn't have a lot of drama to work with and tried to typecast irina, especially when i see general footage of her hanging out with the rest or chatting with others. i think i'm also ok with irina b/c she's the only person who produces interesting and different things most weeks, plus she always seems focused and on task. as much as i love carol hannah's personality and her pretty dresses, she does seem to make the same thing over and over.
Posted: 3:17 am on November 10th
Angelinpdx writes: I'm sorry Gordana is gone, I loved most of her designs and her depth of feeling. I think Heidi didn't like her, I sensed there was some animosity toward her from Heidi (which wasn't revealed in the show - anyone else get that???). I really like Carol Hannah's dresses and love the way she buys fabric, spreads it out on her cutting table and gets her inspiration for it. Irina will probably win but I really dislike her superior attitude and hope someone/something gives her a reality check.
Posted: 8:33 pm on November 9th
fashiongoddess22 writes: the only two i could see that looked waerable to me this week was gordana's and carol hannah's . o.O is the pressure getting to our designers???? x.x eek i hope not b/c as a great artist once said... ( i can't seem to remember the artist's name though) fear of failure is creativity's greatest enemy... or something to that effect 6.6
Posted: 4:15 pm on November 9th
Moosemaniac writes: I'm just very glad Carol Hannah made it. I love her designs.
Posted: 10:52 am on November 8th
jwellsy writes: They probably made the correct choices, but I feel like without Christopher the collections might be kind of boring. :)
Posted: 8:49 am on November 7th
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