Project Runway Finale: Part 1

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Pacing was way off in tonight's episode. We start with a generous 30 minutes devoted to visiting the designers at home. We are then forced to rush through the second half when the designers are reunited, models selected, and muse models reintroduced. There are visits by Tim, a Q&A with Michael and Nina, and a surprise twist from Heidi.

The Visits:

Carol Hannah, Huntington, NY
Inspiration: Duke University at night
Tim: Edit! Needs more cohesion in the collection

Irina, New York City
Inspiration: Growing up in Coney Island 
Tim: Copyright issues over images of Coney Island

Althea, Dayton, Ohio
Inspiration: Sci-fi movie heroines
Tim: Be careful not to become too costumey

The second half was jam packed with action, while still managing to be boring. Irina and Althea, were reunited in New York City, where they awkwardly waited for Carol Hannah to save them from themselves. Carol Hannah was sidelined with a stomach bug and was forced to miss day one.

Even after the arrival of a still sick Carol Hannah, things are fairly subdued in the workroom. Althea and Irina try to stir up some drama with a fight or two. Are they stealing each others ideas? Who cares?

Tim is generally unhappy with all three collections when he comes to check up on them. Pieces are unfinished and lacking cohesion. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia stage a Q&A session designed to fool us into forgetting they were missing all season.

Heidi shows up with a shocking surprise, which might be surprising if you have never seen this show before. The designers must create a 13th look. The muse models will pick the 13th model, the purpose of which is for them to have a subject for their episode of Models of the Runway this week.

Another non-surprise is that the designers have help! Logan, Christopher, and Gordana return to support the designers as they "make it work".

Next week is the big finale. I really enjoy Project Runway usually, but everyone here in the CraftStylish office seems unusually happy for this season to come to an end. Hopefully next season will be more interesting.

What do you think about the finale so far? Have you enjoyed this season?

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Comments (9)

Debwho writes: Carol Hannah had the more style than either Althea or Irina. Carol should of won. The final Runway show was a bit boring in the first half.
Posted: 7:52 am on November 21st
perendales writes: I'm late and the finale has passed. I'm disappointed. Carol Hannah's beautiful dresses did not make the grade. Irina's black outfits followed a theme but they were hard to see due to all of the black. Althea's garments were very wearable, as well as Carol Hannah's. I absolutely loved that gown of Carol Hannah's.
Posted: 4:36 pm on November 20th
TatusWelle1 writes: This seasoning has been dissapointing. Not only the designer's talent but just the show in general!
Posted: 1:09 pm on November 20th
msbyrdt writes: I think that this season's PR is Blah. Will there be a "next" season? I'm just really disappointed with one of my favorite shows. This season has shown styles that have already been done. There were a few diversions, but overall...BORING. I keep hoping the next episode will be better and No-o-o, the same old bickering and drama. No fab. designing. Again, I think Gordana would have designed the best collection, followed by Carol.
I wonder if Micheal Kors, feels the show has not lived up to past seasons. He's been absent a lot this season.
Posted: 11:49 am on November 19th
aislinnluv writes: I haven't been all that impressed with Althea's designs. Her first win - what were the judges thinking? Work? Who could wear a skirt that short to work? As to the subject of "stealing ideas", the judges have been inconsistent about that. Rami (season 4?) egregiously stole Jeffrey's zipper trim idea and they said nothing. Other times they were quick to point out "repeats". Irina's ski lodge outfit looked so 80s but they didn't say a thing. Overall, I'd have preferred to have Gordana stay. Though the judges kept saying they "didn't know who she was as a designer", I thought she had more original designs than some of the others. The fighting between Irina and Althea is a pale redux of the Wendy-Jay-Laura dust-ups. All in all, this has been a long-awaited, disappointing season of a show I normally love.
Posted: 7:07 am on November 19th
tputsche writes: this season has been so painful, it would just be nice to see it end!!!!!
Not one of the designers remaining seems to have a fantastic collection, Irena has and attitude that is hard to take, because she's not fabulous, she's just ok with her designs even if she won several of the events. This has been the most blah set of designers, all of them have that just out of school feeling. I would have liked to see giordana go on, as she tried to challenge herself along the way, yet preserve her own sense of style as well.
The focus seems to have really gone off the designers abilites and focused more on the personal spats that go on, between designers and models.. I hated the "fierce" comment that use to come out of Christian all the time and his attitude but at least he came up with some unusual stuff.
The current designers are all knock off designers if that!
Posted: 1:18 am on November 19th
msbyrdt writes: I was thinking that Carol Hannah was having anxiety attacks. That's what I do (pray to the porcelain throne) when I get them. Anyway, I hope her collection shows as well as what she showed during her visit with Tim. I liked how hers was going the best.
Posted: 2:24 pm on November 16th
cirone writes: i agree that the first half was slow like an olympics background story, then the second half was so frenetic.

i'm most looking forward to see how carol hannah's purple tulle dress, irina's accordion-style black hooded jacket, and althea's fuschia pink dress look coming down the runway. i think i'll have to agree with nina that irina's all-black collection is asking for trouble, but what is she supposed to do now?

what terrible luck that carol hannah is sick at such an important moment in her life :( from the home visits, it seemed like she had it most together (a contrast to the show), so hopefully that will help. still love her personality and am cheering for her, but not sure she's got the versatility to win it.

and the irina - althea stuff is just annoying and unnecessary. irina is making too many awkward and nervous comments, probably because she's got a ton of work ahead of her (how lucky to get gordana as help...).
Posted: 10:53 pm on November 14th
Moosemaniac writes: I agree the show doesn't have its usual excitement this year. I feel so sorry for Carol Hannah. Not only was she horridly ill, she has to put up with the other two "cats" sparring with each other. I hope Carol wins....even if only for her professionalism.
Posted: 7:00 am on November 14th
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