Project Runway: Season 6 Finale

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were sorely missed this season. Hopefully we will see more from them next year.
The winning collection is about life in NYC. Home is wear the heart is. Its really about what it takes to survive in the city as a woman. Its about comforting and shielding yourself.
Irinas T-shirt and oversized sweater look.
Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were sorely missed this season. Hopefully we will see more from them next year.

Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were sorely missed this season. Hopefully we will see more from them next year.

Photo: Lifetime Television


As the runway show is about to begin, and after some frantic last minute adjustments, fittings, and modifications, the models are still not ready to line up and begin the show. Instead they are busy with hair and makeup and not yet dressed in their looks. After a great deal of stress, the usually cool Tim gets everyone together and the show goes on.

Here are a few of the designs noted by the judges. To see all of the looks and sketches head to


Althea's army of clones with black headbands is based on sci-fi heroines from the 50s and 60s. She is hoping to "introduce what the woman of today would wear tomorrow."

The judges were excited to see sports wear and applauded Althea for adding a dash of color with knit green dress (left). Heidi thought the khaki pants (center) were cut well and people would love to wear these. Althea is questioned about how her collection represents the future. This oversized black sweater (right) was an example of Althea's sci-fi vision.  Althea's thirteenth look, the khaki pants, was Heidi's favorite.

Carol Hannah:

Based on the Duke University campus at night, the Grecian goddess dress (center) was the favorite among the judges. There is a question about the utility of the purple pyramid dress (left), and Althea agrees suggesting it was more artistic and she did not expect it to be worn.  Structured drapery was her strong suit in this collection. The thirteenth look (right), was once again Heidi's favorite again.


Michael points out that we've already seen the warrior woman and that this is not a new character, but the looks are finished. Nina did say "I told you so" about not adding color. It is much more difficult to see details on the runway with all black garments. Irina's representation of armor were the hats carried through the collection, each was a little different, but the same, and added a much needed cohesion to the show. The judges thought the handmade T-shirts (left) were a smart move, which felt intimate and revealing. Oversized sweaters (center) played a large roll in the show. The final gown (right) was the only look that didn't fit (Michael commented that she felt obliged to close the show with gown).

And the winner is...Irina!

Heidi calls Irina's collection sleek, modern, and cohesive. Her collection "told a story" and she knew who she was designing for. One of the reasons Irina won over Carol Hannah is the cohesion and pacing of the collection. With Irina there was a clear story to follow and a cohesiveness not seen in the other two collections.

What do you think? Did the judges get it right? Was Irina's collection worthy of the top prize?

On a side note, if anyone has been following the Project Runway spin-off show, Models of the Runway, Kayln was crowned the winning model.

That's it for Season 6. Check back here when Tim, Heidi, Michael, and Nina return in just two short months as the show moves back to New York City!  We will be right back here watching with you on January 14th, 2010, when Project Runway returns to Lifetime for Season 7.

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Comments (15)

livestosew writes: In the pictures above, Carol Hannah's 3 designs look the most difficult, with lots of detailing. My husband YELLED when they announced Irina as the winner. We both chose Carol Hannah.
Posted: 12:54 am on January 5th
vedicimage writes: I like the final finale for the project runaway . I was there and it is so memorable because during that time I was looking for fashion styling that could manage my fashion image and i found the http:// vedic image group an image [email protected]
Posted: 7:08 am on December 9th
cycler1729 writes: I don't know if anyone else noticed the disclaimer at the end of the show (and each episode) but the decision of who wins is not only by the judges but also the producers! And of course that is never mentioned during the show.
Posted: 6:26 pm on November 26th
samsstuff writes: I do agree with the judges that Irina had the most consistent, cohesive collection & that's what these are, collections. There should be a unifying theme & design aesthetic. The beauty is in the details, however & it is virtually impossible to see the details in Irina's collection. Maybe up close, but not here, on TV or even, I'm afraid, on the runway. The details in Carol Hannah's collection are gorgeous, if not completely wearable. The gold gown, 13th look, is stunning in it's details. I'm not sure about Althea's collection. I don't think the khaki pants are flattering for anyone. Does anyone remember the jodhpur fad? Many of the items did look like they could be from a store, but again, maybe the details are more obvious up close? At any rate, I don't think personality is really a factor, except where it relates to a design aesthetic. I hope they all do well & I am so eagerly awaiting a new, fresh season.
Posted: 11:25 am on November 25th
MsKirko writes: I hate that Irina won. She is so MEAN! Even though I know she's talented, her line was no where near as good as Carol Hannah who used color and had beautiful amazing gowns. Irina's pants were boring and the same thing over and over again.

Granted, Althea's line was not as strong as theirs, so I understand why she didn't win, but some part of this should be based on personality, right? If someone is rude, burns bridges, and attacks others on the runway, they shouldn't be regarded as a good designer right? Part of their job in the future will be to make friends with the right people, not wait for everyone to kiss their butts!
Posted: 9:30 am on November 25th
CinderellaLollipop writes: This was absolutely the worst season of Project Runway, ever! I was so disappointed in the judges choices. I thought Carol Hannah and even Althea were so much more talented than Irina. Someone else said it perfectly: Irina's collection was just like her, cold, hard and dark. There was no personality or joy (which I think is very important!) in her bleak designs.
Posted: 8:23 am on November 25th
jksmom6 writes: I do not like PR in Los Angeles. I just returned from a trip to NYC to visit my daughter and buy fabric. There is no way that LA is the best location for PR. I did not like PR as much this year. In previous years more of the actual designing process and the workroom were featured. I was very disappointed that Irina won. Her designs were boring, and so bleak. Althea or Carol Hanna had far better designs, details and color. I will be glad when PR moves back to NYC. I have bought PR DVD's, but I am not interested in purchasing this years DVD's. I also did not like having so many different judges. In NYC Michael and Nina are based there and are regularly judging the designs.
What I did enjoy this year was the fact that several of the designers were self taught or taught by mother's and grandmother's and did not go to fashion school. I believe that speaks volumes for the home sewers instead of the negative comments by Michael and Heidi in the past when they make comments like "it looks a little home sewn". Statements like that are very insulting to seamstresses everywhere! I am just thrilled that sewing and designing shows are cropping up every where. I teach sewing and it certainly has brought me students who want to learn to sew so they can create fashion themselves.
Posted: 5:54 am on November 25th
Phronsie writes: Irinas designs were elegant and sophisticated. Too bad they weren't very original or innovative. I felt as if I've seen these at Neiman's before. Altheas designs seemed "messy" to me. The floppy sleeves on the sweater and those khaki pants that Heidi loved! She really thinks women wish to wear saggy extra skin? That's whats the pants made me think of...Baggy elephant legs. They were basically the jodphurs others have gotten reamed for making in the past. They make the size 0-2 model look as if her hips are size 14-16. Carol Hannahs' designs, were to me, the most innovative and unique. If this (PR) is about elegance and having a "cohesive collection" they picked the right person. If it's about "fashion forward", I think they chose the wrong winner.
Posted: 5:44 am on November 25th
FJM4tune writes: I was really disappointed in the show this season. Irina only had one or two unique pieces and even though they were good and her show cohesive, I felt deja vu. It seemed like she watched previous seasons and took a mismash of Ramie's concepts and Christian's moodiness and showmanship and devised her one or two pieces to fit colorwise, then made garmets based on those prior designers. What a rip off!

Although Althea's collection didn't wow in the cohesive factor, overall her collection was great.

Maybe if the judges want more cohesive and pro shows they should offer more coaching and constructive critism on the last couple of challenges or on those challenges where more than one piece is required to tell a story so these aspiring artists can learn and practice.

Though Carol Hannah's construction is good, most of her pieces appeared okay but not aspiring or exciting. She didn't take the opportunity to "design" and really use her construction technique on new and exciting concepts.
Posted: 5:01 am on November 25th
ybirdsfly writes: I was disappointed in the final outcome! I really thought Carol Hannah had a beautiful well thought out line with enough versatility to keep it interesting.... unlike our winner. Irina did show us a line that represented her cold, hard, and dark. Althea also had an amazing line and any of her models could have walked off the runway and into mainstream America looking stunning but not over the top. Oh well, here's to looking forward to the next season!
Posted: 2:29 pm on November 21st
Sweet_Pea writes: This being my first season of watching Project Runway, I have nothing to compare to as some of the previous commentors. However, I do get the feeling that some people enjoy the back biting that seemed to be Irina's main theme. Personally, I don't think its attractive. Additionally, ever since the episode where Irina accused Althea of copying one of her sweater designs, she has kept a leering eye on everything Althea produced.

No doubt, all 3 of these ladies have wonderful talent, but I would have chosen Althea's collection as the winner. I think she had the most wearable pieces for the everyday and uptown woman. Loved the green dress and khaki pants. Carol's collection was impecable as well with lots of interesting detail, and I especially love her teal Grecian goddess gown. Irina's collection, was fantastic in its own way, but I just can't see the everyday woman wearing any of those pieces. It was way out there although put together beautifully.
Posted: 10:59 pm on November 20th
laurieberke writes: I LOVED Carol Hannah's beautifully executed designs & thought she showed a lot of grace in a tough situation. Being as ill as she was, she still managed to be a lovely person - unlike Irena, whose personality leaves me cold.

Meana Irena is quite talented - she put together a unique collection, but I found all the black pretty boring, & like someone else mentioned, made the details hard to see.

I liked Althea's collection least, but funny enough, found her garments to be the ones I'd be most likely to actually wear!

I like PR much better in their new home. I like the models show & the regular cast (ie. Heidi, Tim, Nina, etc) seem much more relaxed.
Posted: 10:36 pm on November 20th
sewright4you writes: I am disappointed that Irina won. Her looks were too dark and you could not see the detail on tv. I wish Carol Hannah had won because her attention to detail was amazing and she is self-taught! I loved that blue dress( 13th) look. I hope season 7 brings more color in everyone's design.
Posted: 8:53 pm on November 20th
AprilsJessesGirl writes: I think I would have a really hard time if I was a judge this time!! Carol Hannah, Althea and Irina are fabulous designers.... I can't say that liked any one collection over the other. They were all amazing!!! Irina's attitude made her very unlikeable, tho. Carol Hannah and Althea were my favorites, if only for that reason!
Posted: 5:44 pm on November 20th
TatusWelle1 writes: Overall; this was my least favorite season as far as the designers' talent.

Irina is a great designer; I just wish she could be a nicer person.
Posted: 1:06 pm on November 20th
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