How to Turn an Ordinary Photo Album into a Personal Baby Book

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Turn an ordinary photo album into a one-of-a-kind, personal memento

Turn an ordinary photo album into a one-of-a-kind, personal memento

Photo: Mary Ellen Bartley

If you're searching for the perfect baby shower gift, look no further. Here, B is for Baby author Suzonne Stirling transforms an ordinary photo album into a unique and personalized keepsake. Simple touches make all the difference, and if you're giving the album as a gift, a few premade pages will give a busy mom a well-deserved head start.

What You'll Need:
Photo of baby, 2 inches by 3 inches
Solid cardstock, 3-inch by 4-inch pieces, two pieces in complementary colors
Mini scallop paper scissors
Acid-free all-purpose adhesive
Rotary cutter or craft knife
Cutting mat
Plain photo album (of any material)
Acid-free, label for name
Fine-tipped pen
Decorative ribbon, equal to the length of the album plus 6 inches
Fabric scissors
Fabri-Tac or other fabric glue
Decorative patterned paper, larger than the album pages, 2 sheets (optional)
Yes! paste (optional)
Paste brush (optional)

Step 1: Create album cover
Glue a photo of the baby onto a piece of solid cardstock. Use the mini scallop scissors to trim the edges of the cardstock just around the photo. Glue scalloped piece onto the other piece of solid cardstock. Using the rotary cutter or craft knife on the cutting mat, trim around the edges, 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch from the scalloped edge. Glue the layered photo onto the front of the photo album, centering it in the upper third of the album.

Step 2: Personalize album

Hand-write the baby’s name on the label of your choice with the fine-tipped pen, and glue it just underneath the layered photo.

Step 3: Add a ribbon embellishment

Cut a length of ribbon 1 inch longer than the length of the album, and center it along the bound album edge. Wrap the ends around the inside of the front cover, and use fabric glue to adhere the ends to the interior (you’ll cover the ribbon ends with decorative paper later.)

Step 4: Tie a knot or a bow
Cut a 6-inch length of ribbon, and tie it into a knot. Trim the ends, as desired, and glue the knot over the ribbon on the front cover, adhering it with fabric glue.

Step 5: Optional end papers
If you wish to create decorative end papers, open the album, and measure the height of the interior pages and the length from the left edge of the front cover to the right edge of the first page. Cut two pieces of decorative paper to those measurements, and fold them in half so the short edges meet. Use Yes! paste to glue one piece to the inside of the front cover (over the ribbon ends), extending it over the first page, and glue the second piece to the interior of the back cover, extending it over the last page.

Step 6: Preparing a gift
Blank pages in book and album gifts are intimidating for most people and are often the perfect excuse to procrastinate filling them up. Give Mom a head start by creating a few premade pages that she can mount in her book (using acid-free adhesive or double-sided tape). Not only will you help her get started, but you’ll also inspire her by showing her what she can create.

Step 7: Gift Page Ideas
Baby’s first tee- A miniature cardstock hanger cutout holds baby’s first tee, which can be secured to patterned paper with glue dots or a bit of fabric glue.
Card holder- Help mom keep her favorites in one place with a pocket page that keeps them together without requiring that each one be glued in the book. For this option, simply cut a pocket to the desired size for a piece of patterned paper or fabric, and glue on the sides and bottom to a sheet of solid paper. Embellish as desired.

Step 8: More gift ideas
You can also create layouts for standard-size photos by layering patterned paper “frames” over a base paper. Mom can then just glue photos over the patterned paper cutouts. You can also type out a list of firsts” with blank lines next to them on a piece of solid paper and glue it onto patterned paper. Mom can fill them out as new events take place.

Tips: If a photograph on the cover isn’t your style…

Monogrammed charms or lockets (apply with a strong adhesive such as Perfect glue).
Unusual buttons (try a row of three, placed either vertically or horizontally).
Decorative cutouts made from fabric or paper.
A monogram from a vintage handkerchief framed with ribbon or a small metal frame.
Acid-free cardstock with baby’s name written in calligraphy.

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Dumont writes: Love your little DIY method of making baby photo albums, certainly is a more cost effective and personalised way of making a baby memories keepsake.
Posted: 9:30 am on June 3rd
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