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Make a Yarn-wrapped Wreath

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Decorate your  home with a crafty take on the traditional holiday wreath.
Add embellishments like ornamental birds, vintage ornaments, or ribbon.
Add some glue to the area where the wreath meets the hook for extra security.
Decorate your  home with a crafty take on the traditional holiday wreath.

Decorate your  home with a crafty take on the traditional holiday wreath.

Photo: Zach Desart

by Katie Runnels
excerpted from Holiday Decorating Ideas, p. 61

This soft, fluffy wreath makes a great statement in any home. Wrap the yarn, secure it, and then have fun decorating it however you like.

What You'll Need:

  • Metal wreath hook (
  • Poly or cotton blanket batting cut into 6-inch-wide strips (
  • Scissors
  • Tulle or other wide ribbon  (
  • Various yarns, the thicker the better—wools, thick acrylic, wool and cotton blends, and handspun art yarn work well. (,
  • Wire florist pins (
  • Wreath form, straw or Styrofoam (
  • Optional:

  • Embellishments: millinery leaves and flowers, ornamental birds, vintage ornaments, ribbon, buttons, crocheted flowers, beads, baubles, or small ceramic figurines (,
  • Hot glue gun

  • 1. Wrap the batting. Wrap long strips of the batting around the wreath form, and secure it with florist pins. Eyeball your work to ensure that the fluffiness is distributed evenly. Try to secure the pins on the same side each time.

    2. Add the ribbon.
    Wrap the batting with wide, tulle ribbon or other sheer ribbon, and secure it with pins. Remember
    to secure the pins to the side you pinned in step 1.

    3. Wrap the first yarn.
    Begin wrapping the thicker yarn by tying one end to the wreath and securing it with a knot on the same side as your pins. Continue to wrap as uniformly and tightly as possible. Knot the end, and cut or tuck the tail under to hide it.

    4.  Create a stripe.
    Wrap another yarn around the wreath, and tie it off. Space your wrapping about an inch apart on the inner edge and a little wider on the outer edge of the wreath, circling the wreath three times to create each 3-yarn-thick, somewhat uniform stripe (you can always nudge your stripes around a little when you’ve finished). When finished with the last stripe, cut the yarn, and tie it off to the yarn below—again, on the back of the wreath. Trim the excess, or tuck it under.

    5.  Add the hook. Insert the wreath hook into the back of your wreath. Add some glue (I use a hot glue gun) to the area where the wreath meets the hook for extra security.

    6.  Embellish as you wish. Tie a floppy yarn bow by joining about 2 1⁄2 feet of the yarns you’ve used with ribbon. Or, add other embellishments into the wreath surrounding the bow. Secure the items by wiring each piece, using the stems to pierce the wreath, and/or use glue.

    Tip: You can add a little fluff by wrapping some white mohair yarn on your wreath and securing it to the back where the pins are located.

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    kdownie writes: How much yarn should I buy for this? I have none on hand because I don't knit or crochet or anything. thanks
    Posted: 9:43 pm on December 16th
    sassycrafter writes: Cute project, Katie! Not that I'm surprised, of course. ;-)
    Posted: 9:00 pm on December 9th
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