How to Embellish Baby Tees

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These little tees transcend their utilitarian look without taking away from their usefulness.

These little tees transcend their utilitarian look without taking away from their usefulness.

Photo: Mary Ellen Bartley

B is for Baby author Suzonne Stirling knows a thing or two about creating gifts for your little one. Here, Suzonne shows you how to embellish a basic baby tee with ribbon and thread--no machine necessary!

What you'll need:
Side-snap tees
Mild detergent, such as Woolite
1/4-inch grosgrain ribbon, elastic trim, or decorative piping, 1 yard for each tee
Fabric scissors
Iron and ironing board
Fabri-Tac fabric glue
Small bows (optional)
Needle and thread (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the tees
Prewash the tees and ribbon or trim to remove sizing. (This will also allow the Fabri-Tac to fully penetrate the fabrics and keep your trim securely adhered during frequent washings.) Once dry, iron the tees and ribbon/trim to remove any wrinkles.

Step 2: Adorn tee with grosgrain ribbon
Working with small sections at a time, apply Fabri-Tac to the back of the grosgrain ribbon, making sure it covers the entire surface. Starting at the front bottom edge of the tee, glue the ribbon to the seam, following the seamline around the tee so that you end at the other bottom edge. Trim any excess ribbon, and apply a small bit of glue to the cut edge so it doesn’t fray. If desired, embellish the tee with small bows, stitching them securely to the tee with a needle and thread.

Step 3: Apply with elastic trim or piping
Apply Fabri-Tac to the flat area of the elastic or piping, one small section at a time (because the glue dries quickly), up to the start of the decorative edge. Working from the front, bottom edge of the tee, glue the rim or piping to the inside of the seam, around the tees edge on the inside of the shirt. Trim the excess at the other bottom edge, and glue it securely.

Step 4: Add some buttons
Place buttons at the top of the onesies and stitch them in place, making sure the buttons are tightly secured. Safety note: choose small buttons that can be securely stitched to the onesie. Larger buttons allow baby to grab onto them, increasing the risk of them being pulled off.

Step 5: Appliqués
If desired, use a bit of Fabri-Tac to hold the appliqué in place on the onesie. Go back with the needle and thread, and make small stitches around the edge of the appliqué to secure it in place.

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Thanos123 writes: thnaks post
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Aicramly writes: This is such an easy way to add a touch of style to a plain baby essential. Can't wait to try it...thanks for posting! ;)
Posted: 2:14 am on April 9th
AngelaLevy writes: Dear Suzonne

Thanks for your Embellish Baby Tees pattern you have so beautifully created and shared. I’ve included a link to it in my blog post today in order to share it just a little bit further. You can check it out on my blog

Thanks again!
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