Renegade Jewelry Artists Look to the Past for Inspiration

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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High style meets antique-auto chic with this Chevy V 8 necklace by Hi Octane.
You can prettily display where youre from or where youre headed with a puzzle piece necklace by Jessicafied.
The Great Lake State necklace in detail by Jessicafied.
Nous Savons shows off lovely vintage lace with this exquisite necklace.
High style meets antique-auto chic with this Chevy V 8 necklace by Hi Octane.

High style meets antique-auto chic with this Chevy 'V' 8 necklace by Hi Octane.

Photo: Courtesy Hi Octane

Renegade San Francisco was so jammed packed with amazing ideas, I am still taking it all in. Here are some of my favorite jewelery pieces in the restyle category.

My boyfriend and I happen to own a 1962 Volvo and we love all of the old chrome detail, so I fell in love with Hi Octane's 'Revv'd Up' collection featuring car ornamentation jewelry from yesteryear. Chevy 'V' 8 engine necklaces, 'Mustang' and 'Impala' pendants, and heavy silver car grill rings let you put the pedal to the metal with style.

Remember those childhood puzzles of the United States? I am originally from Rhode Island and I was always disappointed that our smallest state always got bundled up with the other New England states as one northeast piece. But now that I live in Seattle, I was delighted to find the single 'Washington' necklace by Jessicafied. When I met Jessica at Renegade she had a nice representation of the Pacific coast states but she told me that occasionally she'll happen upon a (rare) individual Rhode Island (I gave her my contact info just in case) Her Etsy page welcomes inquiries about her current puzzle stock. I think these would make a great gift for someone relocating, but which state to get? The one in the rearview mirror, or the one at the end of the road?

The delicate 'lace' necklaces and earrings on display at Nous Savons booth had me in a tizzy. I especially loved the interplay of the beads with daintily embroidered pieces. I thought about all of the tattered napkins from my grandmother that I just can't part with--do they have any salvageable corners? You can check out this romantic line and some lovely vintage, brass trinket pendants at Nous Savons' shop on Etsy.



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Comments (4)

byabpryor writes: Just so happens I p/u a ton of emblems last week at an Estate Sale... LOL I didn't even know I could 'make' something w/them.... Where was my mind.. I guess I was just focused on dumping them on eBay.. Thanks for the inspiration. Now what can I make?!
Posted: 6:02 pm on August 1st
jonwen45 writes: I just love the state jewelry!
Posted: 6:06 pm on July 25th
Minimeg writes: Jen, I moved to Ohio for school and when I pointed to my hand to show where I came from, they gave me the strangest looks... People either have no idea what I'm talking about, or they think it is the coolest thing in the world and make me do it all the time! :)
Posted: 11:22 pm on July 23rd
Jen_W writes: You are killing me with the Michigan pendant, lady! I could stop putting my hand up and pointing to where I'm from. The pendant could serve the same purpose. Must...back...away...from...etsy...purchase. I dropped about $70 on craftpudding stamps the other night because of the CS post that make me aware of how flippin' cute they are.
Posted: 7:23 pm on July 23rd
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