How to Make an Advent Calendar

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This is our first advent calendar.
Here is the advent calendar that I made for the blog tutorial. This one was made with red felt, the other with green.
This is our first advent calendar.

This is our first advent calendar.

This is a repost from my blog at and there are many pictures there.


My fiance Ed & I made our first advent calendar right after Thanksgiving. That's when I learned the hard way that I prefer not not to sew up 24 little pockets from fabric, no matter how cute they are. So I've improved my method for you, dear readers, so you won't be up all night hand-stitching and watching In Treatment like me.

Here is an advent tutorial for you. This was absolutely free! I just used my existing craft supplies, fabric and glue. If you made an advent calendar that you want to share please leave a link in the comments section. I love looking at them! I looked at about 50 online before I made mine. There are a lot of tutorials online. I especially like this one by Brown Eyed Fox. I made mine before I read her blog and I don't have a ladder. (I want one now, though.) I also love the one below and this technological version.


So here are the steps to making my advent calendar: First, find two old cardboard boxes or some posterboard. Cut it into two shapes: a large rectangle and a triangle that fits on top like a house. For the tutorial I used a pizza box because I like to recycle. Another option would be hard felt. I am planning on working with that next. The sheets are 12 x 18 at Michael's.

Next lay the square on fabric and cut around it slightly larger than the square. I didn't measure but it was about 2 1/2 inches. (I used inexpensive red felt.)   

Then cut out a square of fabric and fold it over both sides of the triangle. Make sure that the fabric lays flat across both sides of the triangle with some excess. Look at that! My toenails match.(I used Liquid Stitch and regular craft glue to adhere the fabric to the cardboard.)

Fold two edges over on the square at a time then cover the middle with a cute patterned fabric. (Did you know roosters are a Christmas symbol? I used rooster fabric because I love them.) A note about cutting: If you are an arthritic like me or your hands fatigue easily you should invest in some sewing scissors. Ed got me these pink Singer ones for my birthday and they keep my hands pain free. Next, add two types of ribbon to your triangle at the base. I glued mine on. Place an angel or ornament or cut scrapbook paper on top.

(I used a handmade felt angel ornament.) 

 I punched through the triangle, fabric & square with an awl and used a tapestry needle and gold yarn to hook them together. I used a Making Memories kit. Since my square was 14 inches high and 14 inches across I made 5 rows. Three rows of 7 and one of three with a bigger star for the last day. You need 24 shapes to count down 24-1. I cut felt shapes by tracing some of my ornaments and then decreasing them in size.  

Next I blanket stitched around each piece and added a written number on scrapbooking circular stickers. Start with 24 and count down to Christmas day. I put a shape for Christmas on the calendar even though there is no advent gift that day. Then I adhered the felt. Slip your red and green advent slips of paper under the felt and pin. 

Ed choose to write my gifts out on red paper so I wrote his on green. Yesterday mine said he made me a playlist on the computer. Mine said I'd cleaned out his car. You can see in the picture on my blog that I gave him a drive through the Christmas lights and he gave me a massage or as he called it an Edssage.

You can use pretty pushpins to push through the thick cardboard (if it is thick enough to prevent the pokey parts sticking out the back.) If your cardboard is thin you can safety pin them to the red felt. I safety pinned these to the cardboard this time, last time I used white pearl topped straight pins. 

 I'll post a list of free advent gift ideas soon. I've got some more crafting to do. 

If you are too busy to make your own advent calendar I have a few are available in my Etsy shop, just search for daizikat. I also have some cute felt ornaments.

 Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy every day. 

(c)2009 Katrina E. Kniep



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