What are you sewing for the holidays this year?

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Do you sew your holiday gifts or decorations? Are you working on a new party dress to celebrate the holidays? Let us know what you are working on this year.

What are you sewing for the holidays this year?

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Comments (11)

heartwoven1 writes: Needed something black & sparkly to top a sleeveless dress for formal concert. Bought 2 yards of sheer fabric with sequins, hemmed both ends. Wore it 1 night with corners tied together loosely at wrists, 1 night with one side on front about a foot shorter than the back and tacked about a foot up and got compliments galore on both styles - floaty and elegant - the fabric was definitely the star!
Posted: 3:31 pm on December 18th
squigglytwigs writes: I'm new and look forward to reading and learning. This Christmas I've made many gifts for our family, some with my children's (ages 4 and 6) help, and their outfits. I made a vest/tie for my son, and 3 dresses/skirts for my daughter. We make all of her clothing as RTW doesn't come close to fitting her long and very lean frame. Besides frilly, colorful stuff is so much fun, as is sewing with her.
We sew or cut something nearly every day in our house.
Posted: 1:46 pm on December 16th
gremol writes: My 9 & 11 year old Granddaughters want denim pencil skirts; so I'm taking old jeans & cutting off the legs, making a kick pleat, elastic waist, back pockets, & viola!!! A lot cheaper than clothing stores.
Posted: 1:04 pm on December 16th
2roomsfull writes: Making a zebra fleece jacket & hat for my 7 yr old granddaughter. PJ pants for daughter, son, and son-in-law, and grandsons.
Posted: 11:03 am on December 16th
loscoz writes: I feel so 'selfish' but every Christmas I sew my own holiday dress... this year i'm re-using a dress from 5 years ago. It's a red stretch velvet shirt dress that I cut out the back and replaced with an embroidered layer of ivory organza (and a flesh colored knit under-layer too) that I spent hours gluing silver seed beads over the pattern and will also sew on some rhinestones in the center of the swirls. And yes allot of the beads are falling off every time the dress moves but it makes quite the statement!
Posted: 8:17 am on December 16th
yad writes: I am making aprons and neckwarmers. All my family love to cook and they all get cold necks in this chilly Canadian winter.
Posted: 10:43 pm on December 15th
fabricstashcollector writes: I have been busy making quilted Christmas post cards. I love to make them. Also made a couple jackets for my daughter and one of her friends. Since I have added some
years on my life I do not sew as much as I have in the past. And to be truthful I miss it. I have heard it said that a true seamstress is thinking about a new project while she is presently working on one. I dream about sewing!! I wish I had another 75 years of sewing. But I guess not!!
Posted: 10:02 pm on December 15th
bethsharpe writes: I have made a jacket out of upholstery material. I's different, to say the least, and depicts colors of the Southwest, which I love. It is colorful, stunning and warm.
Posted: 9:54 pm on December 15th
sewquilter writes: I made two Christmas potholders with my serger for a Christmas party. I have also embroidered some towels, a set for my mother and some hand towels for my father in law. My mother in law will get a fleece wheelchair lap throw.
Posted: 9:20 pm on December 15th
elinorina writes: I have made lots of pairs of shoe bags; basically, drawstring bags, which are intended for shoes but which can be used for anything else (lingerie, etc.) -- I used several pairs on my last long trip, and not once did I lose my shoes in my suitcase! Also, much more stylish than those plastic bags my newspaper is delivered in every morning. I've also knitted a beautiful cowl collar scarf, an afghan, and an earflap hat -- all for my kids! (Does knitting count as sewing?) No new dress or clothing, unfortunately; but I will wear a dress I made from a Burda Fashion magazine pattern last year -- still looks great, and classic!
Posted: 8:58 pm on December 15th
roryhalling writes: I'm making potholder handle covers for the new set of cookware I'm giving my son and daughter-in-law. The cotton print is lime green with chili peppers. I'm using a layer of low-loft batting and a layer of Insul-brite (a thermal batting). They're so cute I'm making a couple extra for me!
Posted: 7:46 pm on December 15th
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