What are your sewing resolutions?

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Each January we resolve to change things about our lives. We are determined to lose weight, save money, or become more organized.

What are your sewing resolutions this year?

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Comments (28)

Fro_Girl writes: I plan on starting and finishing a whole new wardrobe. For every outfit I "finish" I would get rid of one. The projects will include ones I havent finished or altered in years, got a whole bag of those. And I'm making some swimwear, I want to look cute, covered and different when I go to the pool or beach.I want to be able to play around without worrying about a boob falling out. It happened before "embarrassing".
Posted: 6:18 pm on June 1st
prettygirl5713 writes: My resolution is to sew. It has been far too many years since I made myself something nice. The older I get the harder it is to find clothes that suit me. I am going to sew myself a wardrobe. I am starting with some comfy pants and a new winter housecoat. Then I will sew some skirts and some pretty blouses. After all a lady needs pretty skirts and blouses.
Posted: 10:42 am on January 8th
andemi writes: I have put all my sewing in a plastic container. I will sew them as I take them out. I did this last year, and did only a few. This year I am putting dates on calendar and I will have appointments with myself on that day. If I fail, that means I sew twice on the following week. My clothes are going out of style and it is getting harder. Shoulder pads have to be removed, jackets shortened,blousess shortened. Oh my, what a year for me. If I can only learn how to use my serger, that would make sewing easier.
Posted: 12:48 pm on January 5th
msbyrdt writes: I....AM...going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I...AM...going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I..AM..going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I..MUST..make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I have stacks of beautiful fabrics and towers of patterns.!!!!
I've learned over & over that, "procrastination IS the thief of time".
Posted: 12:17 pm on January 4th
UmaPreve writes: I am going to start sewing all the patterns I have purchased. It's sitting in a box rotting away.

Not to be lazy and learn to finish garment properly.

Stop procrastinating and finish all intended sewing projects.

Posted: 11:02 am on January 3rd
Kukana writes: After not completing all my Christmas sewing this year, my resolution is to set aside a few hours a week to work on projects for others. I have had an embroidery machine for several years, but just recently got it moved (I moved out of state) and set up, so another sewing resolution is to learn to use it and upgrade my software so I can manipulate designs and digitize. Along with getting some basic patterns for dress, blouse, skirt and pants fitted to my body so I can actually sew for myself. As for my quilting resolution.....finish my daughter's wedding quilt - she'll be married 4 years this February!
Posted: 8:00 pm on December 31st
iluvthimbles writes: I'd like to pull out all my books and videos on fitting and drafting pants.... and get to work! There really are a variety of methods including Palmer Pletsch, Margaret Islander, Sandra Betzina, Joyce Murphy pants pattern, BonFit patterner, etc., It's time for me to investigate and experiment for myself!
Posted: 2:16 pm on December 31st
bakertoo writes: In the coming New Year, I am going to have fun with my new Bernina sewing machine. I haven't had a new machine since 1980, and having this new one is a little like science fiction!!! I didn't think I had much interest or imagination to use all the special stitches that are built in, but as I make a little sample of each of them to see what they are like, I think I can incorporate them into my garments and quilting projects! It is exciting. I have also made it my goal to work on and improve fitting problems-then I will be able to wear more of my garments, and use some of the nice fabric I have in my stash, that I have been afraid to cut into. There are so many good articles in Threads magazine all the time, so now I am going to make the time, and effort to use them. Happy New Year to you all. And good luck with all your projects!
Posted: 4:59 pm on December 30th
artsyaccountant writes: this year I decided to sew Snuggies, hats, baby clothes, etc., for Christmas - halfway through I was thinking I should have my head examined! - but then when it got down to the wire I was forced to come home after work and sew for at least an hour until I got the projects done. It really made me realize how much you can get done, and how much faster the overall project seems to go, when you break it up into smaller pieces and stick to it on a regular basis!

So my resolution for this year is to devote regular small intervals to sewing each week - without having a deadline (and all that pressure) - to finishing all those dream projects I have stacked up and ready to go. Since Christmas I've already managed to knock out two more projects and it feel great :)
Posted: 2:52 pm on December 30th
loonlakelady writes: This year I REALLY WILL finish at least 2 UFO's. There, now that I put it in writing for all the world to see, the guilties will totally take over if I don't get it done.
Posted: 12:43 pm on December 29th
mississippimimi writes: In 2010, I vow to sew more for charity, finish at least one UFO, discipline myself to make time to sew & quilt.
Posted: 10:21 am on December 29th
Starwolf writes: Learn how to master my Berina and organize my stash.
Posted: 8:19 am on December 29th
mommy2 writes: I will learn how to put cups in a bathing suit!! I want a one piece bathing suit that fits properly.
And to finish all my half started projects.
OH and my husband wants more dresses!!!
Posted: 7:59 am on December 29th
mal64 writes: I hereby resolve to finish at least half of what I start. As pertaining to sewing/crafting projects, anyway. Or maybe even sentences....
Posted: 12:47 am on December 29th
SewJoe writes: I want to set aside a specific day each week to work on something that I have already started sewing and left unfinished! I will further resolve that if I don't like a project that I have started, I will just recycle it or finish it and donate it. I will be amazed at the extra storage I will create and will have room to organize some outstanding clutter that is too loved to send away. Dreams can come true.

Posted: 11:07 pm on December 28th
pat45 writes: to find a way to use a whole bunch of men's ties and finish a quilt that dosen't want to co-operate.
Posted: 10:51 pm on December 28th
BriaSolo writes: I want to make time to sew. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas 2008 and haven't used it much yet. I resolve to change that!!!
Posted: 8:51 pm on December 28th
Bother writes: Save enough money to buy a Bernina 1150MDA.
Posted: 8:40 pm on December 28th
fabartist2000 writes: Hello, this is my first time on. I want to diminish my huge statsh.
Posted: 8:18 pm on December 28th
rosb writes: my New Years resolution is not to use my stash as thats impossible but to enjoy my fabrics , make up the ones back in fashion & to teach my friends teenagers to sew & enjoy their creations.
Posted: 7:55 pm on December 28th
yousewsmart writes: Use up my stash fabrics? Buy no more patterns? Nonsense!!! I learned long ago that when I find a must-have fabric or pattern, I must Buy It Now. Otherwise, when I go back to get it, there isn't any left! Besides, she who dies with the most fabric wins - and I intend to win!
Posted: 6:03 pm on December 28th
Neosha writes: I will clean and sort all of my sewing things.

Then I will pass on those things I don't want/need.

I will try to sew or do something sewing related five times a week (like exercise).

I will become a good beginner embroiderer.

I will try to master MyLabel.

Posted: 5:47 pm on December 28th
EEOlson writes: I resolve to complete the projects that I started last year; some of them were crocheting, and others were sewing projects. I also have several ideas in my head that I want to make such as gifts for my three sister for Christmas 2010 so I better get started now!
Posted: 5:38 pm on December 28th
Sharonsews writes: Sew for ME!
Posted: 5:01 pm on December 28th
suefish writes: This year I WILL sew the clothing out of fabric & patterns already purchased!
Posted: 4:44 pm on December 28th
FinelyFabricated writes: This year my 23 year old daughter is getting married, so her wedding gown will be the big item this year.

Beyond that reducing my stash is my ultimate goal.
Posted: 4:00 pm on December 28th
nujoi1908 writes: I resolve to complete my knit wardrobe and make something new for Easter and Christmas. I probably should say something about reducing the fabric stash and keeping the sewing area neat, but I don't want to over-promise!
Posted: 3:35 pm on December 28th
Singersewer writes: Wait! Wait! I know this one!!! I resolve to make an entire new core wardrobe this year. It will be in the size I WILL be on Christmas '10 and will be made entirely from "stash" fabrics. Nothing motivates me to fulfill my body goals than to have beautifully tailored clothes that I made and cannot yet wear!! Now, how's that for a set-up...er,...uh...goal???

Posted: 3:19 pm on December 28th
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