Transform Your T-Shirt into a Tunic

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CalPatch cal patch, contributor
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With a few easy steps restyle an old T-shirt into a standout tunic.
Find an old T-shirt in your closet or at a thrift store.
Photo: Sloan Howard
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3. Create an insert at the center front.
Draw a 4-inch-wide (2-inch-wide when folded) by 5-inch-long insert at the CF neckline. Cut it out, making a tiny notch at CF on the top and bottom. Then set it aside; you’ll need it again soon.

Create an insert at center front.

4. Measure and cut the insert opening. Draw a 1- to 2-inch line evenly around the entire insert edge on the shirt. The distance from the insert opening determines the amount of gathering you’ll have. Cut along this line, making a tiny notch at CF on the fold at the bottom of the seam.

Measure and cut the insert opening.

5. Make a keyhole opening in back.
On the back of the shirt, mark and cut a 2-inch-wide by 3-inch-long “U” from the neck for the keyhole opening.

Make a keyhole opening in back.

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Comments (17)

belleeven writes: What a lovely design! It may be a while before I can find a T that is **THAT** big on me, but when I do, I'll give it a go. :)
Posted: 5:27 am on September 6th
chibimaddy writes: I hope to be able to make one for me. Since I'm already a big girl, I may have to buy 2 over-sized shirts, but I've not seen a design this cute in any of the stores, so learning to sew this pattern would be worth it!.
Posted: 9:51 pm on March 11th
Apachewmn writes: This looks great! I am not a clothes sewer, I usually just make crafts and this looks like it would be too daunting of a task for me??? although I might give it a try.

Thanks again for the tutorial.
Posted: 2:36 pm on July 14th
earthwings9 writes: I like it and think its cute. They are selling something like them at Kohls. Its only a T shirt so not much expense involved if you mess it up or don't like it lol.
Posted: 6:06 pm on May 12th
wdetc2914 writes: Looks really cute. I would love to see it on someone modeling it.
Posted: 4:53 pm on May 12th
paintedwithheart writes: Going to give it a try, really hope it turns out as cute! Thanks for posting!
Posted: 4:41 pm on May 12th
PearlieGirl1 writes: So creative....makes me want to dust off my sewing machine and give it a go!
Posted: 9:43 am on April 20th
doodah_mama writes: Thank you for the tutorial! I just love reconstructing is so satisfying! Did have some trouble with this one, but I'm sure it was my error; the bustline included way too much of the sleeve! Very tight across the front with lots of fabric in the back! I will certainly try again, though.
Posted: 8:41 am on April 9th
quilties writes: I really like this, thank you for sharing! I'll surely try it!

I would like to see the finished product on you...what do you think?

Posted: 12:02 am on February 4th
adornable writes: I am soooo impressed! I always thought that all those jersey tee-shirts could be sewn into something stylish and fun. Thanks for this tutorial.
Posted: 2:00 pm on January 31st
birdlingsflat writes: Thanks so much. I've been saving big t-shirts until I could figure out a pattern & here it is! I love it.
Posted: 1:27 pm on January 14th
Idna writes: Great idea!!! I'll recycle the too loose tees of my brother :p thanks! it seems easy!
Posted: 7:58 am on January 14th
Bigpurpledragon writes: I really love this. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for an easy tutorial too. x
Posted: 5:24 am on January 14th
sunFlowerseeds writes: This Is a Great Way To Make This I Wear These A Lot. I just Hope I Can Do It.There Not Cheap Either I Have Had My Newachine For 5 Months And Have Never Used It Im Having Next Week As Soon As I Heal Up Im Going To Try This I Like the Way It Show The Details.Just Wanted To Say It Turned Out Great.
I Will Be Checking This Site Out ALot Happy sewing Everyone!
Posted: 9:23 pm on January 13th
brendagail writes: This is really clever, I agree. It seems like a lot of redesigning, though..almost as much trouble as making one from scratch. If I buy a man's larger size t-shirt, I am wondering if I could just lay a current pattern on top and recut based on the pattern? Somehow I am more comfortable with a pattern to rely on than with entirely resizing armholes, necks, etc. But, hey -- that salvage store t-shirt is still much cheaper than buying the fabric off the bolt!

Posted: 8:08 pm on January 13th
hellopf writes: Very cute makeover but didn't the color of the t-shirt change somewhere in the process? I like the darker green much better! Thanks for sharing.
Posted: 7:37 pm on January 13th
Terry6 writes: This is the most clever and cutest shirt I have EVER seen!!! I have to get some oversize tees and try this for my daughters. The creativity of the designer is amazing! Thank you for yet another fantastic idea.
Posted: 6:56 pm on January 13th
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