More Bobbin Tips: Try Magic Genie Bobbin Washers

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Here they are: Magic Genie Bobbin Washers!

Here they are: Magic Genie Bobbin Washers!

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This is a little post on a new little notion that will save you lots of time and irritation when you’re embroidering. Have you ever been happily embroidering along and suddenly your machine jams up causing the fabric to pop out of the hoop?
All embroidery machines stitch at different speeds, depending on the kind of stitches the embroidery design is made up of. As your embroidery machine slows down and speeds up to accommodate the different kinds of stitchs, the needle moves slower and faster, causing the top thread to come off the spool slower and faster. When your machine speeds up suddenly, the bobbin thread can be jerked in such a way that it makes the bobbin spin like a top--in the wrong direction. This is a tragic event,you can’t see when it’s going to happen, and it happens so fast that by the time there is noticeable jam, your fabric might be sucked into the bobbin case as well!
This little disc prevents backlash by creating a slippery surface for the bobbin to sit on in the bobbin case. (These washers will work in machines that have a removable metal bobbin case—like Bernina and Pfaff. I’m going to try them in top load machines with built-in bobbin cases and I’ll let you know) If you’ve been having trouble with jamming bobbin thread, give these little beauties a try.
You can find them at (or any of your favorite quilting websites—these little guys are very popular in the quilting world!)


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