how to make p.j pants

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  1. get the cloth you want
  2. cut the cloth in the shape of a skirt or pants and make it big
  3. if you are making these for your kids if the girl likes princess get sparkly stretchy string and put it around the skirt and sew
  4. if you have a boy get some pictures of power angers or super heroes and iron them on like boy and girl scout badges
  5. now get a different or the same kind of cloth on step number 2 and then cut the shape of a skirt or pants and get some velvet cloth now cut 2 times in the shape of skirt or pants sow the velvet together but make sure there is 2 leg holes and a slip hole
  6. then sow the skin or pattern cloth together and then put the velvet in side that and make sure it fits or you can trim to make perfect adjustments now sow the velvet and skin together but before that you must put a elastic stretchy string and sow it in the hip part stretch it just to make sure it is stretchy
  7. now they are ready to ware i hope you enjoy because i sure do!


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