Napkins using a rolled hem presser foot

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Step one: Finger press about an inch at the beginning of the edge. I use my nifty little bone folder (made from bamboo).
Step two: Stitch and backstitch along the top of the finger pressed edge for about a half inch, stopping with the needle down. Raise presser foot and slip the rest of the pre-creased hem into the curl of the rolled hem foot. (I like to think of it as a happy little wave.)
Step 3: Stitch along slowly, keeping the edge of the fabric curled into the foot. Back stitch at the end.
Repeat for each of the edges. And do it over and over again so you never run out of cloth napkins again.

Make an aresnal of cloth napkins without burning yourself or burning out on all the ironing. These are simple and inexpensive enough for everyday use, so invest in a rolled hem presser foot and never buy paper napkins again.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Kim Nguyen Love
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