Gorgeous finds at the Vintage Bead Boutique

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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Unusual cabs from Annies Vintage Bead Boutique!
Glossy vintage beads from Annies Vintage Bead Boutique.
Lovely antique-style cameo cabs from Annies Vintage Bead Boutique.
Glossy vintage beads from Annies Vintage Bead Boutique.
Unusual cabs from Annies Vintage Bead Boutique!

Unusual cabs from Annie's Vintage Bead Boutique!

Photo: Courtesy of Vintage Bead Boutique

I recently had the chance to talk with Annie Chau about her fantastical Etsy shop, Vintage Bead Boutique, and her favorite vintage jewelry bits and pieces. While you're browsing pretty things, don't miss her lovely handmade shop, Imogene and Annie, or her blog at imogene.org.

How did you get into making jewelry? How about selling vintage pieces?

I was a wandering soul in college -- taking whatever art classes were available. I stumbled into a jewelry class one semester and it was love at first sight. Everything felt so right -- the concepts, the techniques, the tools, the fire! I have always enjoyed collecting beads, but never learned how to use them to my satisfaction in my own jewelry work! i started to sell the pieces as a way to control my too large collection- but now it's an excuse to have a collection!

What are some of your favorite styles and eras of vintage beads and jewelry?

Oh! This is an incredibly difficult question! I just ADORE vintage intaglios. They are each tiny pieces of art. I also love wildly tacky plastic links and baubles. . . and handpainted glass beads. When it comes down to it, I would say that I'm more of a cabochon girl -- whether they be plastic or glass, Japanese or German or Czech. Oh dear. This is a really tough question!

Any tips for beginning jewelry-makers and beaders?

I truly believe in good tools. High quality pliers, cutters, tweezers etc. are well worth the investment. Your hands will thank you!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Follow your instincts when you create, don't stop making and have fun!

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