How to Make a DIY Glittery Monogram Using Foam

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Create a glittery monogram to decorate any celebration.
Choose your monogram and transfer your design onto foam.
Cut out your monogram and add glitter.
Create a glittery monogram to decorate any celebration.

Create a glittery monogram to decorate any celebration.

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4. It's time to glue. Place newspaper on your work surface to protect it before starting this step. Using a foam brush, apply a generous, even coat of craft glue to the front and sides of the initial. You don't need to cover the back of the letter unless your guests will be able to see it.

glitter monogram

5. Are you ready to get your glitter on? Working quickly before the glue begins to dry, pour glitter all over the sticky glued surface of the initial. Don't hold back! The thicker the layer of glitter, the better the coverage will be. Use your fingers to press and smooth the glitter onto the surface of the initial. If you find areas on the monogram with uneven glitter coverage, add a bit of glue to those spots and-that's right!-pour on more glitter.

glitter monogram

6. Gently shake off any excess glitter onto a sheet of newspaper. Again, it's best to do this outside. Glitter will get everywhere, and it is a pain to clean up. Allow your glittered initial to dry overnight or per the glue manufacturer's recommended drying time.

7. The last step is to create a wire hanger to attach the monogram to the church or venue door. Cut a length of wire, about 18 in. long. Insert each end of the wire through the sides of the initial and out the back, about 1 in. from the top of the foam initial. Twist the ends together to close the loop and you'll be good to go when it's time to hang the monogram. If your venue does not allow you to hang anything on doors or walls (be sure to ask ahead of time), this project looks great displayed on the cake table, the bride and groom's table, a mantel, or windowsill.

Tips & Hints

• There are different grades of glitter: ultra-fine, fine, medium, and chunky. Typically, the larger the glitter particle, the more shine and bling factor it has.

• Most glitter is made of plastic-type materials. Glass glitter (or German glass glitter) does exist and is made of, you guessed it, crushed glass. This is considerably more expensive than regular glitter but has an amazing sparkle. Do be extra careful if you decide to use glass glitter-it will cut you and embed its tiny particles in your skin if you don't wear gloves. Ouch!

• Consider doing a few letters-maybe the first initials of you and your guy or, if you're not taking your hubby's last name, both of your last initials.

Crafty Calculator

What to Budget
Sheet of craft foam $8.00
Glue $3.00
Glitter, 5 oz. $8.00
Wire $3.00
Total $22.00

Cost Comparison
I haven't seen anything like this available on the bridal market yet. Door monograms made of fresh flowers will cost $40.00 or more. So in addition to being a trendsetter, you get a gorgeous monogram at almost half the price!

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BrunoTalisman writes: Very nice ! I try to make it for my girlfriend, but i'm not really 100% confident lol
Posted: 4:37 pm on June 3rd
bluepeacock556 writes: It's just perfect. I will do it with letter M for my girlfriend!
Posted: 10:38 am on May 17th
spiritgiftsgalore writes: LOVE the glitter...I might try this for one of my girls rooms.
Posted: 6:03 pm on March 16th
TeacherTeacher writes: Now this is just the right about of glitz to dress up a drab area. The kids will adore using so much glitter!
Posted: 6:23 pm on January 26th
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