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I found a "recipe" to make scratch offs and decided to do this for my son's Valentine cards.  When I tested it and found it to work perfectly, I was so excited.  They are like lotto tickets, called Lucky Lotto.  I printed them using Print Shop making different borders and using different fonts for variety.  In one area I typed little Valentine sayings -- Be Mine, Hug Me, etc.  The scratch off comes into play here.  Using clear contact paper, you paint the top with a mixture of metallic acrylic paint and dishwasher soap.  I used an 18" sheet of contact paper and adhered it to the table at the corners with sticky tacky (whatever its called).  You paint 3 layers letting it dry between each layer.  I cut heart shapes out of the contact paper and now I'm ready to adhere them to the cards.  The problem is I can't get the backing separated from the sticky side!  I've tried an x-acto knife, didn't work.  I tried the Cricut spatula tool, that didn't work.  I tried folding a small section hoping the light crease would help separate the layers, that didn't work.  Any suggestions on how to get the backing off the contact paper?!?!?!  I need these done to take to school in about FOUR hours!  HELP!!

Thank you!


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cschneider writes: Hi,

I just had that problem, 4 years later. You need to leave a frame of the clear contact which you can cut off afterwards and which you don't care about ruining around the artwork. Then slowly and gently dig the point of a seam ripper on an angle into the plastic as you can watch the ripper as it moves to a point between layers. Then rip towards the edge and you will see a place where you can grab and separate the layers.
Posted: 3:07 pm on March 16th
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