Make a Pretty Rosette Necklace

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Make a statement with fabric, chain, and ribbon.
Cut out fabric circles.
Attach the rosettes to the base.
Make a statement with fabric, chain, and ribbon.

Make a statement with fabric, chain, and ribbon.

Photo: Jack Deutsch
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Accessorize your neckline with a sewn necklace made from fabric, chains, and encased sequins. Crushed panné won't fray so it's easy to sew, and chiffon adds a bit of texture to the piece. Make the entire necklace from one color, or choose several coordinating colors for a more dramatic look.

Create the rosettes by gathering a fabric circle around a sequin. Sequins were used to add a bit of sparkle to the sheer chiffon pieces. You can also use beads to create the center; just make sure your fabric circles are large enough to gather behind the bead to cover it entirely.

What You'll Need:
Chain, 3⁄8-inch-wide
Chiffon fabric in white and cream, 1⁄8 yard
Crushed panné in white and cream, 1⁄8 yard
Fabric glue
Gold sequins, 3⁄8-inch-wide
Hand needle
Pinking shears
Ribbon, 3⁄4-inch-wide, 5⁄8 yard
Rotary cutting mat
Optional: Olfa circle-cutting rotary cutter

Make the rosettes
Create the rosettes from fabric circles. For the blossom, gather the circle around a sequin. You can adjust the rosette size by changing the fabric circle and sequin size.

1. Cut the fabric. Cut out circles from the panné and chiffon. The Olfa circle-cutting rotary cutter makes cutting fabric circles easy and quick. From each fabric, cut 10, 2 3⁄4-inch-diameter circles and two, 1 7⁄8-inch-diameter circles.

2. Sew the rosettes.
Place a sequin centered on one fabric circle's wrong side. Hand-sew a running stitch about 1⁄8 inch away from the sequin. Don't knot off.

3. Gather the rosettes.
Pull the thread to gather the rosette around the sequin. Knot off the thread to secure the gathering.

Assemble the necklace

Hand-sew rosettes to the cluster base and to each other to form a rosette chain. Then, hand-sew a chain to link the necklace pieces together. For an easy closure, use silk ribbon threaded through the chain ends.

1. Cut out the cluster base. Enlarge the template on a photocopier. Cut one each from the buckram and panné. Add a 1⁄4-inch seam allowance to your template, and cut that template from the panné.

2. Assemble the base.
Center the buckram on the larger panné piece's wrong side, and glue it in place. Wrap the panné raw edges around the buckram, and glue them in place. Place the smaller panné piece over the buckram, and glue it in place, as shown at left.

3. Attach the rosettes. Arrange the larger rosettes on the base, and hand-sew them in place until the base is covered in rosettes.

4. Make the rosette chain.
Hand-sew a chain of rosettes together along their centers. Knot thread and sew through a smaller rosette's center. Sew through a second rosette center and repeat, as shown above, to form a small rosette chain.

5. Attach the metal chain.
Hand-sew the metal chain to the rosette cluster and the rosette chain.

6. Attach the ribbon ties.
Cut the ribbon into two equal lengths. Thread one ribbon through the last link in the metal chain at either end of the necklace and knot it in place.

excerpted from SewStylish Quick Stuff to Sew, Vol. 3

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Stewart_J writes: Are you the model with the necklace, Nicole? It stands amazingly good on that girl. What a lovely smile :) !
Posted: 5:07 am on May 26th
AnnaHarris1952 writes: This necklace is amazing! I love flowers on jewellery. I will try do this.
Posted: 1:06 pm on May 10th
meemee writes: THANKS!! This would look great made with my leftover scraps of marbled silk! I can't wait to try it and take a picture foryou!
Posted: 7:51 pm on May 2nd
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